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Line Rolling League Season 1 Team Draft


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Here's what we have been waiting for boys, the draft order reveal for Season 1!

I used a weighted system giving less experienced players a greater shot at the top pick while more experienced players had a smaller chance. 

And now for the order!

1. Chaos - Detroit
2. Dantml7 - Chicago
3. Mr. T - Boston
4. Chris O - Montreal
5. Schmidt - Rangers
6. MikeGartner22 - Calgary
7. Angryjay93 - Los Angeles
8. Corbettkb - Quebec
9. KingRaph - Dallas

Now, before drafting your team, please refer to the below spreadsheet as it will dictate which players will need to be used on the top two lines. 


Lets run through an example with Pittsburgh to help explain this.

Forwards that must be used on the top two lines in any combo: Lemieux, Jagr, Mullen, and Stevens and/or Francis. (You may use Stevens & Francis on line 2 but at least one of them must be on Line 2 - If Stevens is selected for line 2, then Francis must play on Line 3 or vice versa)

Defense that must be used on the top two lines in any combo: Murphy & Samuelsson 

That's it for Pittsburgh's restrictions, I don't care which position the listed players play, they just have to show up somewhere in the top 2 lines. 

Hopefully this provides some structure while still allowing for a lot of freedom. This list can always be revisited moving into future seasons.

All that said, Chaos is on the clock!

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