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I am almost definitely not going to be completing another current-rosters ROM without at least one serious partner, but I am here and willing to work.  if you would like to help with the other "half" of the tasks, I am very much willing to contribute, so please let it be known how you'd wish to precede.  I do this much all of the time anyway:


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cool.  I have messaged you my email address.  I plan to fire up the old computers and see where I am at in functionality.  I don't mind the tedious work in the editor, but I lack wide knowledge of plenty of current players, so my skill ratings aren't going to be on point like they used to be.  have you played around with my old ROMs?  I think opening up my newest and oldest next to a standard ROM in your tool programs and emulators would be a great start.  I started in 2010 and I think my last one was 2016.  I'd prefer to work from my last one, but it wouldn't be too hard to start over and copy lines of code in as needed.  I used to do this stuff daily and it has been a LONG time since I've tinkered, but even then I'd forget stuff after accomplishing it and I kept no changelogs.  "how did you change the ____?"  um... is there anything about that in the ROM mapping thread?  'cause I surely don't recall!  any way, now my days are filled with sorting G1 Ultra Magnus missile launcher variations.  yay?  hi.  thank you.

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