Edge of '94 Midwest

Blades of Steel Online NES tournament! April/May 2020

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Sign up here =====> https://forms.gle/hpp2nTjvZS6vq6Qh6

Edge of 94 Midwest proudly presents our first online Blades of Steel tournament for NES!

This tournament will feature the US based rom for the Nintento Entertainment System.

We will be using the Brudtopia emulator as is used by the Tecmo Super Bowl community at large.  Assistance with setup for this emulator package is available by contacting me(Trojan) directly via the NHL94 Discord channel, or on Facebook via the Edge of 94 Midwest page.

Free entry to the 2021 Edge of 94 Midwest NHL94 tournament will be awarded to the winner.

Format : Randomly seeded double elimination.  Winner of losing bracket must defeat opponent twice in the finals.  The time to complete your game will be on average a 4 or 5 day window, however we encourage players to get their games done much sooner than the deadline.  

Rules:  Have fun!  Seriously, we aren't here to make enemies.  This game is still fun today, and you should hope to make new friends by participating in this.

There is a 10 goal deficit mercy rule, however in line with the above rule, you may wish to hit the brakes if you're taking someone to the woodshed.  It's always best to let the game conclude for everyone's experience, even if it's officially over.  There is no benefit for having a higher goal differential, as there is no group play phase.  Again, in these situations, drop gloves more often, or dump the puck in the opposing zone to extend the game if it isn't in doubt.  Find away to make sure your opponent is having fun.

Games are a single match with the standard exhibition rules.   Player 1 is the host of the game.  A coin toss performed by the tournament organizer will determine who has the honor of being player 1.  At this time it is not widely known if there is any game play advantage to being player 1 or player 2 beyond familiarity.  Player 2 gets first pick of their favorite city, which is a purely cosmetic/aesthetic choice.

A clear winner must emerge, so ties are not permitted.  If an overtime winner is not crowned, the game converts to shootout mode.(I do not think Blades of Steel Games can end in ties but if the game ends itself without a winner, a new game must be started until a goal is scored, the game ending on that goal)

Players should be generally advancing the puck to attempt to score.  Continual and intentional "keep away"/time wasting is dumb.  Don't be that guy.

No intentionally introducing lag/disconnecting, or turbo is permitted.  In the event of an accidental disconnect, the score is retained, and the period is replayed by starting a new game.  In the event the disconnect happens in the 3rd period, and a goal differential of 3 or more already exists, the game is considered over.

Games should be hosted by and played via wired Ethernet connection  This isn't negotiable.  Those that have played NHL94 over wireless connections know how futile it can be.

Any disagreements or concerns that cannot be worked out between players should be brought directly to tournament organizer Trojan

We will be streaming the best games from this tournament featuring the best games round by round with commentary.  As a result we ask that people do not stream their games while they play.  You will be required to submit a file via the recording feature in the emulator.  Here is a video explaining how that works.   Thanks to Frozensith for his video, also known as Tecmo Psycho.







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