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IIHF '20 World Cup - Classic Style Tourney!


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Hey guys, 

Since a lot of guys are asking for something to do, I will run a short IIHF '20 tourney. THIS LEAGUE IS PLAYED ONLY ON HAMACHI/GENS (No Retroarch).

PM me here or on Discord if interested. You must have hamachi setup and tested before being confirmed for the tourney.

Tourney will be a round robin with the goal of finishing the "regular season" in about 2 weeks (or less) before doing a full best-of-7 tournament. We have 10 or 11 guys so far but we can go up to about 16 teams. 

The plan is to use the classic teams only, possibly only the teams from the 1990's. The ROM will not be a weight bug fixed ROM so it is a more "classic" NHL94 style.

Deadline to join is Sunday, March 29th. Team selection to begin in a few days.

ROM + Excel sheet with teams & player ratings here --> https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/19658-iihf-legacy-20-miracle-on-ice-40th-anniversary-rom/

More to come...




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All of the classic teams are up for grabs
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