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Hey everyone, 

here's the line-up and new ROM for season 2. The only changes are to make the lineups back to default as some of them were messed up from the ROM this used to be used for, and we no longer do re-seeding after 1st round. The new ROM is attached at bottom. We are going to extend the handicap slightly by introducing ASW and ASE for the two players who are 15th/16th, and the champion AngryJay93 is going to bump down to a worse team in the bottom tier. We've also extended to 8 tiers as shown here:

Tier 0 - ASW/ASE
Tier 1 - DET, CHI, BUF
Tier 2 - VAN, MTL, BOS
Tier 3 - WPG, LA,  CGY
Tier 4 - DAL, TOR, QUE
Tier 5 - NYR, PHI, EDM
Tier 6 - PIT, STL, WSH 
Tier 7 - NJD, NYI, HFD
Tier 8 - TB, FLA, SJ, ANA, OTT

1) @angryjay93 - after winning A division, AJ will drop to tier 8, and he has already pre-selected FLORIDA
2) @JSchmidt (Schmidt) - after coming in 2nd in A division after going undefeated prior, schmidt will drop to tier 7 and chooses the DEVILS.
3) @corbettkb - after a strong showing, but a tough loss to a grizzled sonoffet veteran, Corbett will drop to tier 6 and be assigned ST. LOUIS.
4) @Mitch Kramer (Chris O) TIER 4 - PHILADELPHIA FLYERS - after winning his first two rounds and being the only player to win a game against AJ, Chris O moves down to tier 6 and is assigned PITTSBURGH.
5) @sonoffett87 - after a strong showing in OHPL, and Qic, sonoffet will be made a tier 5 and is assigned NEW YORK RANGERS.
6) @Scribe99 - after losing a tough series to an experienced Chris O, scribe will be a tier 5 and be assigned PHILADELPHIA.
7) @danTML7 - after winning B league, but scrubbing out of QiC, danTML7 moves to tier 5 and will be EDMONTON.
8) @chaos - after a strong performance beating danTML7 in round 1, then losing to schmidt, chaos will drop to tier 4 and be assigned TORONTO.
9) @Jamiesoccer (Mr. T) - after beating slapshot in 5, then losing to the eventual tourney champ, Mr. T will be tier 4 and be assigned QUEBEC.
10) @Tecmo@DPS - after beating sevetieslord in 6 games in B division, tecmo/dps will stay in tier 3 and be assigned LOS ANGELES.
11) @NotThatJared - after a very strong showing losing in 7 games in the B finals, NotThatJared shoots up to tier 3 and is assigned WINNIPEG.
12) @seventieslord - after losing both series, but having a hard fought series against sonoffet in QiC, seventieslord will stay at tier 2 and be assigned VANCOUVER.
13) @aepurniet - after beating raidercanuck in a hard fought B battle, but succumbing to up-and-comer notthatjared, aepurniet will be tier 1 and be assigned BUFFALO.
14) @Hot_sauce - after losing two straight rounds, slapshot will drop to tier 1 and be assigned CHICAGO.
15) @Joe H - after losing two rounds in a row, Joe will go to the newly formed tier 0 and be assigned ALL STARS EAST.
16) @Raidercanuck1329 - after losing both series, raidercanuck will move to the newly formed tier 0 and be assigned ALL STARS WEST.


Backup list: 

@CamKneely2 (SOH)






Edited by danTML7
changed chaos and corbett
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