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RetroArch ver. 1.8.5 - Please Install


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For everyone playing in online games and leagues, please update to RetroArch version 1.8.5. The download is now available on http://nhl94online.com.


For those of you who have the previous version currently installed (1.7.9):

Windows Users - Download the package from nhl94online.com. Extract the folder to where you wish. Navigate to your RetroArch-1.7.9-32 folder, and copy your "retroarch.cfg" file and your ROMs folder to the new RetroArch 1.8.5 folder. That should keep your ROM files and all your settings the same. Note, you will have to load the ROMs once locally to have them show up on your "Load Recent" list again.

Mac Users - Download the package from nhl94online.com Mount the DMG file (double-click on it, then you should have a RetroArch-Mac Disc on your Desktop). Open up the RetroArch-Mac Disc, and you should get the RetroArch Install screen. Drag RetroArch over to the Applications folder in the screen, and choose "Replace" when prompted. Drag the cores folder to the "Drag cores here" folder on the screen. That should be all you have to do (you may get questions depending on your security settings).


What's new:

This version brings some more stability to netplay. Relay server is available again in this version. Also, some bugs have been fixed (and others introduced).

When we first started using RA, the relay server seemed to work well for a little bit. I would like to use the relay server as a last resort, for those who cannot port forward or have other issues with hosting. What's nice about the relay server this time around, is that you can switch players on the fly, just like you can do with "direct connect" (hit the "i" key to leave the game).  The relay server option is set to OFF as a default, and if you need to use it for hosting, you can turn it on in Netplay-Host. 

Some of the menus have changed a little from the previous version. The menus are a little more organized.

One minor bug - There seems to be a bug with trying to host before loading the game. Depending on a netplay setting, the game video could freeze if you try hosting before loading the ROM. I recommend loading the ROM, then hosting. You can toggle netplay hosting with the "n" key, or going into the Main Menu (F1 key) once the game is loaded. Just be aware of this. If you do host like this by mistake, you can "Close Content", then try again.


They update RetroArch monthly lately. But, I'm only going to release updates if I see major improvements, or bug fixes that benefit us. It's designed to run on a lot of things, so there are many updates and bug fixes that don't pertain to our use.


Please note: You cannot do netplay with different versions, so both players have to be using the same version. In the beginning, please make sure you and your opponent are using the same version, and if not, direct them to the download section on nhl94online.com.


Any questions? Please post! I will update netplay thread soon.

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Great stuff Chaos,  So if I understand correctly we can use relay servers now instead of port forwarding?  That will help tremendously with my low tech knuckle dragging buds!

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