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ETB F/D Draft starts tonight


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Raph has graciously setup the google doc for us.  To simplify my life, I'm running the league under Et Tu Brute.

It will not follow previous Et Tu Brute league formats, other than be a draft league.

Repeat for rules:

Classic Rom, no weight bug fixed, C/B checking will be in full effect
3 minute periods, 3 minute OT as well
NO penalties, but B CHECK will be enabled (thanks to an old Plabax hack from back in the day)
Offside Off, Icing On
Classic Hot/Cold will be enabled, but RATINGS in game will be displayed accurately (Unlike in a classic game where they don't reflect accurately)

Roster will consist of 5 fowards, 3 defensemen & 1 goalie.
18 coaches, NO additional HOME/AWAY bonus based on team, strictly for Name/Color/Organ music
One division, even schedules, only 2 games vs each coach, 1 home, 1 away (feel free to exi away outside of league games)
Additional 4 games vs your "rival" on league schedule.  IF you don't pre-select one before end of draft, I will assign one for you based on rosters/opponents un-selected as a rival yet.


DURING THE DRAFT, ALL FORWARDS AND DEFENDERS are eligible to be moved to Forward/Defense. 
AFTER THE DRAFT, you will have to select which 5 skaters will be forwards and which 3 will be defenders.

ONCE final ROM is created to start the season, this will be LOCKED.  PRIOR to this, you are free to change them up as you like, INCLUDING via trades.
IE, I draft Gretzky, designate him as a defender, trade him to Zep, and he designates him to a forward.
AS long as come FINAL ROM, you have 5 Forwards designated, 3 defenders & 1 goalie, you will be clear for take off.


DRAFT to start some time tonight, after I complete the Draft Order & reveal it via my draft video.
Details to come via Discord.


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