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ETB F/D ROM locked, Season starts Saturday


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OK.  LOOKING to finish in one month, so season would end Monday on June 8th. 

Here are the rules:
18 teams, ONE big blob*, no separate divisions/conferences, etc.
4 games vs each opponent, totaling 68 games.
2 home/ 2 away.
3 min periods, 3 min OT, ties will happen.

Playoffs, top 10 make it with 2 play in series.
#7 vs #10, #8 vs #9, winners play #1 & #2 seed, respectively.

NO RE-SEEDING once the playoffs start.  Will be run true tourney style, best of 7 series.
REASON for this is so we don't have to wait for EACH series of each round to play next series.
IF there is strong participation on all coaches, I will likely also run a B tourney for the bottom 8 (losers of the play in series and the 6 non-playoff teams).

I will decide how games NOT played will be penalized for playoff standings per each user based on overall participation and being active in the league and league chat.

Standard penalty for any DNP is 2 point deduction off your win/tie point total.
2 points for Win, 1 point for Tie.

Given 3 min periods, I'm assuming 4 games vs each coach easy to get in, but if we need to extend the league by a week or two, might do that if enough guys aren't getting all the games in.


*big blob coined by Schmidt


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