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94 Shadow Boxes and Dioramas

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If ya never heard of a shadow box or diorama:







I'm thinking of doing The Rangers and Canucks, with the full rink with the poster size 36" x 24":


Thinking about putting the '94 logo from the box at center ice, super imposed in a 3d style, and doing some custom sprites with the cup and the crowd. 

Appreciate any input / advice.

Will def post pics when I'm done with the whole thing in 2033.

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..need that kid on the glass.

Could also put the four coloured stars under select players, representing 4-play.

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2 hours ago, jer_33 said:

Those would make pretty sick trophies, if you made a 3D model of the tournament/series wining goal!

For sure. Just having a skater with the cup of the winning team would work, too.

Maybe a champion banner where the 94 logo is as well.

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46 minutes ago, Edge of '94 Midwest said:

@clockwiseIf there is no 4 star graphic representing GA, then what is this life for?

Am I missing something, or are you scoring on the Minnesota Wild?



It's tricky to do, but I'll do a 2on2 one, probably with ppl getting stapled to the boards.

But the team is the Mickey-Mouse-era-Devils.


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