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Hello all- here are my edited roms.  Some background:

My preference is NHLPA '93 (It's what I had growing up, and the one timer and I aren't friends).   These were primarily built for my personal entertainment, some things were important to me and other things weren't, so sorry if it doesn't fit your style! I built the roms in the style of season replays from Strat o Matic- meaning end of season injured players are in the lineup, players who missed most of the season on the bench (ala Lemieux in '93-'94 is not in the three lines).  This does mean that players are based off how their stats that one season, not how good they really are.  I also built it with line changes in mind, using the top three lines according to Strat-o-matic (SOM Lines/Rosters which means the SC1 line isn't always the best line, be careful if you are a NLC person since '93 doesn't allow for that line to be different than SC1).  I also edited some colors of jerseys to my preferences.

Ratings were based on the original formulas and ROMs for those seasons, and similarly performing players for new players.  Fighting ratings for the first couple of Roms came from dropyourgloves.com before it shut down (Win %'s were huge for determining those ratings!, then Hockeyfights for the later ones.

I believe these are all WB fixed.  I did not remove teams (so SJ/TBY/OTW are all in '90-91), or update/edit banners (Dallas is Minnesota, New Jersey's banner has the wrong colors).  Playoff draws are based on the structure of the year and rough probabilities of a given team's finishing position.

Enjoy if you'd like, skip them if you wouldn't!

Asher413 90-91 replay.bin Asher413 92-93 replay.bin Asher413 93-94 replay.bin

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1 hour ago, PenguinFan1985 said:

@Asher413 what did Ken Wregget ever do to you? :o:lol:

LOL.  I never understood why EA's raters hate him so much.  23 in NHL Hockey, 48 in NHL '94 and 45 in NHL '95 (When his stats were almost identical to Barrasso, but he gets a 73).. then all of a sudden he's equal to Tom in NHL '97.  ::shrug::

(I pretty much copied EA's ratings with the NHL '93 system as much as possible)

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Fun fact, the Flyers traded two 1st-round picks to the Leafs for their backup goalie, Ken Wregget.

What a steal for the Leafs?

Well.. Ken Wregget would play another 375 NHL games, while Allan Bester (Leafs' starting goalie), #12 draft pick RW Rob Pearson, and #21 draft pick D Steve Bancroft would go on to play 337 career games after that season (62 for Bester, 269 for Pearson, and 6 for Bancroft).

The defenseman taken with the pick after Bancrot was Adam Foote.


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