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What about a team of hockey brands.. past and present? There's gotta be enough of those to get a team made up.. you could rate them on quality or longevity that they were in the hockey gear business maybe?

spit balling ideas here.... another would be to take a look at the teams from Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball.. they have some interesting line ups for the player names in that game.

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Started some of the logos for the teams (Mainly the banners, and team select logos)


Predators - TEAM.jpg Team Select

Predators - ICE.jpg Center Ice

Predators - BANNER.jpg Banner

GTA ( All the main characters from GTA series)

GTA - ICE.png Center Ice

GTA - BANNER.png Banner 

GTA - TEAM.png Team Select

Dead Presidents

Dead Presidents - ICE.pngCenter ice

Dead Presidents - BANNER.png Banner

Dead Presidents - TEAM.png Team Logo

Wu-Tang (if @clockwise gives the green light)

Wu-Tang Clan - BANNER.png Banner

Wu-Tang Clan - TEAM.png Team Select


DomRep - TEAM.png


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Some of the teams that Ill add to the NHL95 version.

  • Autobots - Home arena "Cybertron"
  • Decepticons - Home arena "Cybertron"
  • Mandalorians - Home arena "Mandalore"
  • The Walking Dead - Home arena "W.Georgia Correctional"
  • GTAs - Home Arena "San Andreas"
  • Nintendo Legends - Home arena "8-Bit Palace"
  • Charlestown Chiefs - Home arena " War Memorial" 
  • CSI - Home arena "The Crime Lab"
  • Slapshots - Home arena "Cardboard Cards"
  • NHL94.com - Home arena "The Forum" - Will be the All-Star/Legends Team.


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1 hour ago, UltraMagnus said:

Yup NHL95, but it will be for the All-Star team of this site. NHL94.com

What I meant was: I have the Silky Johnson, NHL95, Player Hater of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award.

I love to hate 95.
My License plate says, "95-H8ER." 
I wont by anything of a price tag of XX.95.
My gramps died at the age of 95 and I didn't go to his funeral.

All because 95 should have been 94 with all the cool additions 95 added. But no.  

But now I have come to a crossroads where I have to accept the folly of my ways, or just double down on hating 95 even more.

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On 11/12/2020 at 7:52 AM, halifax said:

boom...i get to play on a line with @clockwise and @chaos

I read that wrong. lol..I don't get to play on a line with @clockwise and @chaos

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17 minutes ago, UltraMagnus said:

@halifaxill put you together. Just didn't know who to put with who. 

all good buddy. its fine either way...i just cant read is all.

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