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A confession (followed by an abrupt apology, and a thank you)


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I've been playing old games for the longest time, since I never had a console of my own until about 12, so when I got my laptop for middle school, I immediately flocked to a place where I could download and play all the games which had shaped my understanding of the gaming world. The first, was NHL '94. As a hockey fan, this site was nirvana. So many people, so much content, and the best hockey game to ever release: there was nothing that could be better! So I immediately signed up, and started to download and post any and everything. I recently stumbled upon my old account while digging around for some ROMs to upload to my RetroPi set up,  and got a chuckle out of how off the wall I was back in the 'ol days (which really were just 7 years ago, but whatever).

My confession: my old account was Seano7302. I'm not sure if I've posted about it before, I don't think I have though, and figured some of the ridiculousness that ensued from 11-year old me's unchecked internet access would be a nice laugh during an extraordinarily odd time.

Being entirely honest, I probably should've been supervised a bit more on my computer, and never realized I was being annoying until just looking back at the posts now. I do apologize to anyone who was on the receiving end of any of my posts (I wasn't bullying people, but I certainly should've just shut up at a certain point.

I screengrabbed some of my favorites, which can be found below.

My lack of understanding for weighted attributes, what actually influenced gameplay, and just hockey in general is shown with this conspiracy theory about EA hiding rogue back-up goalies to outshine starters in the game:


I never did post anything else, so I apologize to anyone who checked back later and didn't find any information.

@Coffey set some crazy record for goals in a game, so I took the opportunity to talk some s**t:

gens 20.JPG

I went 0-20 in Classic that year. It was the bottom division.

This one is the epitome of "11 year old who needs his computer taken away". I got a cackle out of "I am willing to fork up 20 bucks [at] toys r us"


I think the story behind this next one was that I accidentally changed my preferences on the site, and @chaos helped to reset my account after I messaged him on a new one? Or I was just trying to be a brownnoser after pissing everyone off for 3 months. Both are very possible, and I wouldn't doubt it was both.admins.JPG

This next one is my favorite. I think I pushed @Brutus and a few others to a breaking point with spam posting, shitty league ideas, and just dumb, redundant, and easily googled questions, so I went full-Karen in a self-defense moment. I don't have any idea where I was going with this, like, at all. After lurking here for 6 years after the peak of my annoyance, I cannot believe I tried taking over Blitz without asking anyone. It's such a big part of the site, and I really didn't get that then (also, I think I threatened to ask the admins to ban Brutus too. There was one line where I said "people with bad attitudes have been banned before, so I would shut it". I don't recall what my intent was, but super sorry to try to pull that card).


Lastly, was my retirement post. While the line about the Dagobah system was witty, and I will give my past self that, I don't think anyone quite cared that I was leaving. I'm sure there was a private celebration on AIM, and I can't blame anyone if there was.


Anyways, I'm sorry to anyone who I annoyed, deliberately, or by accident. I just was a bit eager, and didn't have a lot to do when hockey season wasn't in full swing. I would go on some tangent blaming my parents divorce or whatever, but reality is I just loved hockey, and this was the easiest place to experience it.

I would also like to thank everyone who not only put up with me, but made this site and community so great that I was drawn to it in the first place. I have had a great time with the game, whether it was online or offline, you guys provided access to something I might not have otherwise stumbled upon. I mostly just lurk now, but if anyone wants a game, feel free to hit me up on Discord.

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