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Hi all,

I'm new here and absolutely love how you all keep 94 alive!

I am currently downloading all roms i can find from the 50's up to present day...


Can't seem to find any roms from 2000 to 2009.

If someone could point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it.


Thank you :)

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Pretty much every ROM edit, ever made, is in the master rom list thread.

Also, please thank the guys who created these edits if you do download them.
It's a lot of free work, in some cases hundreds of hours in the ROMs and hacks that I, as well as many others, have done in the past.
Thanking them goes a long way in helping those guys feel appreciated and motivated to produce more versions of the game for people to play, for free.

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I appreciate that, thanks for the tip!

Will definitely leave a thank you note, I am happy to do so... I can tell it must be very time consuming to constantly update :)

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I have a few roms in my collection that are not in the master list.

I did 2 of them as multi-season combined roms where each team is boiled down to 9F and 6D of their most prominent players over the period of a few years. Kinda weird I know.

There's also a "10th anniversary rom" (2004), which was one of the first rom hacks I ever got from this site. It seems primitive now because the makers didn't have all the tricks and software people figured out a few years later.

There's a 2006 hack from Mack, a guy who used to have his own site for 94 hacks, and I have 08 rom and I'm not even sure who made it!

They're all in the zip file here.


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@swos used to the the updates posted on: update.nhl94.com; ROMs are still there -- before I started doing mine in 2009. Not sure how to access @macks' old ROM files.

I don't think they're here, on the forums, but I did the trapezoid and stick-tape patch for his ROM, which was right after the lockout. IIRC, he had Selanne for the primary splash screen.

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