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Editing Player Sprites in Tile Molester


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Attached are examples of how the custom block size can be used to more easily view tiles that are stored in the NHL roms as a series of columns as opposed to rows (usual method). You will also need to set the Codec to 4bbp linear, found under the View menu to make this work.

tm91-1.png shows NHL91 starting at the player sprites offset using the default full canvas. While you can see it is player sprite tiles, its not to shown in a practical manor for editing. Changing the custom block size to 1 column and 4 rows makes it very easy to see and edit the player sprites (as shown in tm91-2.png). This screen shot also has the block and tile grids enabled.

As shown in the other attachments, the 93 and 95 roms both work well using this same method.

94 unfortunately, doesn't seem as uniform in the way it store it players sprites, though you can still make out the sprites a little clearer using this method.

Using this could allow you to do a similar strip hack as made by swos for the nhl2006 roms in other year roms. Using the fill tool (paint-can icon) makes it quite easy to change the shoulder and blade colors. 94 wont be as easy, so many props to swos for the shear effort made in doing the strip hack! (and in Tile Layer Pro I gather?)

NOTE: When attempting to change the column and row fields in the block size window, backspace out the original value first. Not doing so can sometimes make it behave as if you can't change the value when you can, you just have set the cursor at the end and backspace away the original values. Additionally, as shown in the 94 screenshot, you can import palettes from the rom. You need to use one of the team strip color offsets in decimal, set the size to 16, format to BGR 9bpp, and byte order to Motorola.

I learning to love tile molester so much that I won't need to add graphics editing to NOSE! B)

Now if only I can stop diverting to other stuff and get back to finishing the player card editing tutorial. :)






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freakin' sweet!

too bad it doesn't work for nhl94.

and yes, I made the changes with TLP and it took about 30 hours work.. (roughly in 60x30min periods)

I hope there's a way to get the 94 sprites to view properly. I'd be more than happy to tweak some animations that needs improving, but with the current system it's just too time taking.

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sadly I don't think it will be easily achieved in TM as 94 appears to store sprites slightly differently to the rest.

In 94, all tiles related to a sprite animation are store together/in sequence.

All other years store all common sprite sizes together e.g. a 8 tiles sprites (2x4 tiles) are grouped together. Any missing tiles of a sprite are all stored at the end, but mapped together ingame using tile mapping bytes that appear at the end (much like the rink mapping bytes).

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I saw those snap shots of editing with tile molester and got all excited and installed java etc.., and downloaded tile molester and the bloody little thing won't run. Tried running it from msdos prompt and such. Why do they make things so difficult to use?

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