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Best emulator and settings in Retroarch (Mega Drive / Genesis)


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Sorry if this is already dealt with elsewhere on the board.  If so, feel free to point me in the right direction!

I recently bought (and hacked) a Mega Drive / Genesis Mini and, along with everyone else that owns one, have loaded with it maybe 1,000 old school games across the Sega, Nintendo & TurboGrafx systems up to now.  Neo Geo and others to follow.

Anyway, I have (obviously) NHL '94 and pretty much every other hockey game on the older systems loaded up.

I prefer the MD / Genesis version of the game and am using Genesis Plux GX (v.1.7.4) as my emulator.  However, the game seems to run a little fast compared to the original game (which is actually plugged into an actual MD at the side of the Mini as I type).  Other than the controls (I am using a Hori pad and, whilst I know it is cheating, have opted for analog controls up to now, although the same issue applies when using the d-pad), everything else in the emulator is stock, settings-wise.

The "CPU Speed" setting is 100% and the region (in this case, NTSC-U) is correct.

Is there a general consensus on what the best / most acccurate emulator is for NHL '94 on the MD?


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