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GENS C draft


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1. Post in this thread to pick your team once the player before you has picked or it's your time.

2. If you see someone's turn to pick, please message/contact them 94 times until they pick.

3. Picks start on Tuesday at 8am but you can start before then.


All times in EST


  • DoubleDown - Buffalo Sabres
  • Hot_sauce/Slapshotsean - Detroit Red Wings
  • thatdrizzle - Vancouver Canucks
  • Joe H - Chicago Blackhawks
  • koke_45 - Quebec Nordiques
  • onceaguru - Montreal Canadiens
  • Kidswasted - Calgary Flames
  • Boehm23 - Winnipeg Jets
  • dmm1000 - Boston Bruins
  • BigValboski - Pittsburgh Penguins
  • JotaC007 - Dallas Stars
  • Recchinballz - Los Angeles Kings
  • Triple A - Toronto Maple Leafs
  • 2times - Edmonton Oilers
  • Hockeyis66 - New York Rangers
  • Owen  Singh - Philadelphia Flyers


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