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Are there players you just can't play with?


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I try to mix things up quite a bit so I get to play with different matchups.  One strategy is to use some of the old GDL ROMs and select random matchups.  That way I get a good mix of players all the time.  In doing so, I have noticed there are a few players that i just can't quite use properly, no matter who their line mates are.  I realize that most of this is due to the weight bug, but there are other similar players that don't give me the same grief.

Players ranked higher than 70 overall that are tough for me to use:

Steve Larmer, Cam Neely, Jaromir Jagr, Kevin Stevens, Craig Janney, Stephane Richer, Mike Ricci, Glenn Anderson, Nikolai Borshevsky


While we are at it, here's a list of players ranked below 70 overall that are overachievers for me:

Mike Donnelly, Craig Simpson, Paul Ranheim, Neal Broten, Nelson Emerson, Kevin Dineen

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Yes, this is definitely the weight bug. Those players often get subbed out on their real teams.

  • Larmer: rated like 86? But a lot of that is his Defensive Awareness rating, which isn't useful, and maybe messes up his AI?
  • Neely: too heavy. Good shot though.
  • Jagr: too heavy, not much of a shot
  • Stevens: way too heavy, slow, no shot
  • Janney: would be a decent setup guy except he's a bit heavy, and he's slow
  • Richer: He's decent on the Devils? Solid shot, not tooo heavy, decent skater.
  • Ricci: someone used him on their starting lineup in GDL??
  • Anderson/Borschevsky: They're ok on the leafs, being 72 speed and average weight. Not special otherwise.

Broten and Emerson are great all around players. Simpson has a great shot. Dineen is fast.

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