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2020 Genesis Playoff Tourney

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If I can get confirmation from 23 more NHL94 pals in the next 2 days, I will create a tournament using the 2020 ROM, and we will play out the current 2020 playoff tree. All 24 players will be placed in a random lottery and will draft teams in that order. Take note, of course, that seeds 1-4 on each side automatically will get to first round. If you pick a qualifier team, it's a chance you won't make the final 16. Also note, you can pick your team based on who you DON'T want to face after they have already drafted. Example: if @angryjay93 takes Florida, maybe you might to choose not to take the Islanders, haha. Also, after the draft, team trades will be allowed. There's a lot of Leaf fans out there, so they may be in high demand. Especially with Anderson on the bench B)

Once we are whittled down to 16 players, I will have @chaos upload it to the site where we will play best of 7s with the last 16 players. Thanks to @halifax for the idea. Who's in?!



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