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NBA Live 98' Enthusiasts!!!

Exciting news to share with you all. NBA Live 98' has been brought back to life. A refresh, a restart, or a redo, however you want to say it. The game has the following features ; new and improved and what to expect moving forward.

  • Updated logos of all teams (including New Orleans Pelicans as the Exhibition play as the old Blockers) and the OKC Thunder (updated logos, jerseys and court)
  • Updated Rosters for the 2019-20 season
  • Updated ratings - statistics to come for 2021!

What to expect moving forward:

  • Annual Roster updates.
  • Logo changes.
  • Court colors and logo changes.
  • Jerseys updated to proper coloring.
  • Menus to be changed and colored based on tributes (2021 - Kobe Bryant (purple and yellow, and maybe the #8/24 on the baselines)

Please provide any feedback for what you would like to see or want.

Below you will see some of the changes.







NBA Live '20 (98)-Update.bin

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I'll see if I can recreate again, but downloaded it on to an everdrive, and the game froze up in 3rd quarter.  Playing two players Wolves vs Lakers.  

Was very fun.

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