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Summer '20 Playoff Scenarios


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Here are the classic playoff scenarios.  This is a straight math calculation to give everyone a sense of how things are shaping out. 

NOTE -- admins may have the right to not penalize DNP depending on each situation.  In the case of ties, the admins will have to look at head to head manually at the end of season.  For now, GDif is the tiebreaker.  

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1 hour ago, seventieslord said:

Hey Raph, as much as I'd like to be the 1st seed, I'm of the understanding that we determine which 8 teams make the playoffs using this math, and then we seed those 8 teams using win percentage.

I don't deserve that position or an 8th place opponent.

Division winners are top 2 seeds, then next best 6 are seeded by win %.   


Right now you're #1 based on the fact you got all 40 GP.  This will likely not hold as people play more games this week.  

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12 hours ago, kylewat said:

Hey @kingraph,

Since we end up on the same side of the bracket all the time, switch up the tiebreaker and give me some @Uncle Seth. Or maybe I catch @Scribe99.

Given last time was a close one, unlike every other time it is boring playing the same playoff series over and over.

Win your last few and change the seeds!  Otherwise we are not going to customize the rules to choose playoff opponents.  

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2 hours ago, dmm1000 said:

Purely from a potential bug found perspective - as of right now (after many refreshes) Position number 11 (dmm1000)  is missing from the Gens C bracket - see attached



Nice catch!  11th spot was definitely missing, so I added it back in.  Appreciate the feedback!

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