Classic'20 SNES A East Vegas Odds

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Place your 1st round predictions and Vegas odds to win the cup!

SNES A East is one of the most stacked leagues ever assembled, but as I pierce through the top 3 seeds really stand out from the group.  Remember, bet with your head, not over it.  If you have a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER.

Summer'20 SNES A East Vegas Odds

1. The Professor (DET) - 1500
8. McMarkis (PHI) +1500

Season Series (2-0 DET)

@TheProfessor comes in as a veteran of live King of 94 events, but this is his first online Classic league and he finishes 1st in the regular season standings with a 30-9-1 record!  With that Detroit firepower, he put up 6.42 goals per game, while only giving up 4.02, a differential of 2.4!  Anything over 2.0 is a super strong power ranking, and The Professor is one of 3 in this league to achieve this GDif.  Well deserving of the top spot in a stacked league! 

One the other end of this matchup is @McMarkis with the Philadelphia Flyers.  McMarkis edged into the final playoff spot with the head-to-head tiebreaker of kingraph's Kings (yikes).  A veteran of the online scene, McMarkis is definitely a skilled SNES player who can compete with the best of them.  However, the Flyers are ranked as the 16th best team and can be tough to use.  Especially compared with the blistering offense of Detroit, and an elite coach in TheProfessor, this will be a very tough challenge for McMarkis to overcome. 


2. Annatar (NYR) -1700
7. Chongo (PIT) +1700

Season Series (5-0 NYR)

@annatar has won multiple Classic leagues with a lot of 2nd place finishes as well.  Probably the most decorated online SNES player, he takes the New York Rangers to the 2nd seed with a powerful 29-10-1 record.  Just like The Professor, Annatar has a 2.03 goal differential, with tighter defense at only 3.62 goals per game.  He actually swept the regular season series, outscoring Chongo 27-13 in those games. 

@Chongo is another newcomer to the SNES world....sort of.  He's the brother (I think?) of the two time KO94 champion Kingof94!  That's about as good of a sparring partner you can get.  Plus he has the best team in Pittsburgh on his side.  However, given the regular season results and facing one of the best out there, I don't see Chongo moving past the first round.


3. kingof94 (CHI) - 900
6. dangler (BOS) + 900

Season Series (2-0 CHI, 1 OT)

kingof94 is arguably the best SNES player...ever.  He is the only 2 time SNES KO94 champion, and most recent SoChel tournament champion against some heavy competition.  His finishes this season with the highest GF/G at 6.73 and the lowest GA/G at 3.52...for a GDif of 3.21. Like I mentioned anything over 2 on the GDif has historically been dominant, and to be over 3 is rare.  

And this is the 3 seed?  WTF.  kingof94 really rounds out the "big 3" this season in terms of how they performed in the regular season in a competitive league.  The Professor really got the best of him in the regular season to earn the #1 spot in their conference, but nobody should be betting against this guy.

Getting kingof94 as the 3 seed is a tough draw for @dangler , who finishes in the #6 spot.  Dangler is no slouch when it comes to SNES, don't let my odds fool you. And he has Boston, arguably the #2 team behind Pittsburgh.  He's been around longer than anyone else in the online scene, so he knows what it takes to grind out and mentally focus in a 7 game series.  kingof94 isn't unbeatable (even I won 2 games vs him...humble brag) but you're going to have to play flawless in order to take 4 out of 7 against that dude.  I think Dangler will make a series of it, but ultimately he's facing someone who has proven in the recent years to be the best player out there.


4. JotaC007 (MTL) + 200
5. BobKudelski (BUF) -200

Season Series (3-1 MTL, 2 OT)

Despite the regular season going to @JotaC007, two of those games were in OT, with one having Montreal score in the final 5 seconds to tie it!  So that's about as even as you can get!  Jota has playing great 94 and is well-deserving of the #4 seed this season.  However, his opponent @Bob Kudelski has consistently shown that he is a force to be reckoned with.  Only 1 goal scored separates these two guys in the regular season as Bob's Sabres put up 200 goals vs Jota's Canadiens' 199.  However, Bob K had a tougher defense, finishing 4th in goals against behind the "big 3" mentioned earlier.  So while Jota has the higher seed, I still put Bob K as the slight favorite in this series.  It will be a close one, but I have the Sabres edging out the Canadiens in a 7 game brawl!  I already purchased my ticket to watch this series.


ODDS TO WIN THE CUP (based on projected playoff path)

If my predictions for the first round come true, we will see a matchup of kingof94 vs Annatar and The Professor vs Bob K in the semis.  I can see all 4 of those winning the cup, what a decorated group!  And if I'm wrong and we have an upset, the projected path does not get any easier for the lower seeds!

kingof94 (CHI) +350

TheProfessor (DET) + 400

annatar (NYR) +450

BobKudelski (BUF) +800

JotaC007 (MTL) +1800

dangler (BOS) +2000

McMarkis (PHI) + 4000

Chongo (PIT) + 4500

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