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That patch screen is incredible. The fabric texture/details works really well with the 16 colour limitation.

Not sure what I'm looking at in the title screen though... maybe the image would benefit from the "Ditherer" program

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42 minutes ago, UltraMagnus said:

Haha...yeah it kinda does. Its suppose to be ice.

That's what I figured :). It's a cool idea.

But yeah I think the Ditherer program could liven up the ice background by smoothing out those grey patches (by using a pixelated/dithered gradient instead of flat colour)

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36 minutes ago, UltraMagnus said:

Not sure how to do that. :horror:

first save your ice image as a 24-bit BMP, (using an image editor like MS Paint), then download and unzip the program, drag-and-drop it on the program (it will take ~15 minutes to generate some candidate images), choose your favourite image

Ther'es a bit more to it, explained in the instructions included with the program. Post on that thread if you have any problems and I'll try to help!

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For the "save your image as 24bit BMP" step, I recommend just using MS Paint (you're on Windows right?). Other image editors may insert some junk in the file that my program doesn't know how to handle.

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18 minutes ago, UltraMagnus said:

Does this work for all images, or specifically for ones needing some sharpeness?

If you paste full-colour images directly into Tile Molester, it does a very simple/naive algorithm for converting it to 16 colours. This leaves you with areas of flat colour, like the  middle image here. Note that the middle and right image both use exactly the same palette, but one looks much much better than the other.


Some image editors do a decent job at converting to 16 colours, but those programs don't know the limited set of colours that the Sega can actually display, so sometimes the results are just ok.

My Ditherer program takes an image and applies a few different algorithms, only allowing the actual Sega colours, and spits out a bunch of sample images, then you just select the one that you think looks the best.

I should make a Youtube video for it... since it's not super easy to use, but it gives good results.

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3 hours ago, UltraMagnus said:

Huge thanks to @smozoma for the Ditherer program. Cleaned this bad boy up and added a new logo fly in to add some life. Since the one from NHL95 was bland.



Sweet! Also don't be afraid to manually touch up the result BMPs if you feel you need to. 

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1 hour ago, Jkline3 said:

Are the banners for '95 the same as '94? The Jokerit one looks really cool but if you wanted to go old school I already did these for an unfinished '94 version and would be happy to share.


Do you happen to have the scoreboard ones completed. As that is the last thing I have to do? Im just in the process of finishing the center ice for each team and the Team select logos. This is what I would have left to do for the KHL version after that.

  • The Gagarin Cup image
  • Change the player cards...which Ill go with the default ones.
  • Update the rosters....and thats it.
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A huge thank you to @Jkline3 for the Banner options and roster details (MAAAAASSSIVE help), @wboy for NOSE, @kingraph for the mapping, @smozoma for Ditherer program. This game has provided an appreciation for each one of you and the impact you had on this game.

KHL 21' is now living in NHL95!!!

Let me know what you think regardless.


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