NHL 94 Europe League / Anyone up to ? SNES-GENS

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Hello everybody,

Since it is sometimes not that easy for EU players to play NHL94 leagues, I wanted to ask if there are enough EU players who want to revive the EURO94.

Very much like SNES but also GENS :-D

Maybe we can get enough for a small league together.

Just write in at # Euro94 in Disccord or here in the forum.

Is just an idea ...


Player                GENS           SNES

1.  dmm1000       X

2.  Pearate            X

3.  Kaba78            X                  X

4.  LaTormenta    X                  X

5.  Hot_sauce      X                  X

6.  Ice COW         X                 

7. JMJ                  X                  X





..... League Start :-D



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I might be up for a GENS tourney but could do SNES if needed*.  That said, this would be strictly on the condition that you guys don't chirp at me too much for getting my ass kicked!

* This assumes that I can figure out how to connect my Genesis Mini to the internet (I am sure I have the relevant widget somewhere) and then join games via RetroArch, if that is possible.

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On 9/15/2020 at 4:21 AM, Hot_sauce said:

I'm up for this if it is still a possibility. Either system

Great do you already have an Discord acount ?

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