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i have searched everywhere for a SEGA genesis tutorial of some sort on NHL 94,

i was wondering if you professionals could maybe give people like me who love the game but can only shoot and pass a couple of hints.. i cant figure out what the A button does on offense or defense. just stuff like that, i couldnt find it anywhere on this site..

thanks for your time guys.


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Yo, what's up Brandon?

Some guy who goes by the name of nm14 made a guide here.

There are also some techniques on Evan's multimedia section in the card set under designer tips.

As far as the (A) button goes...While in possession of the puck and you press the (A) button you will clear the puck or "dump" the puck the legnth of the ice. If you have line changes enabled and you hold (A) while in possession of the puck the change lines window will present itsef..While on defence, or without the puck and you press (A), the player your controlling will perfom a hook.

I actually have a NHL '94 strategy guide but the damn things worthless..It's like a glorified manual, hard to believe but the genius who assembled the, "strategy guide", couldn't manage to fit one, not ONE single method or technique for scoring in the entire 250 page fly swatter :lol:

Any way, hope this helps.

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