so I ordered a controller

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Hey guys, just wanted to say hello.  I just ordered a usb controller the other day, and I'm looking forward to getting back into the game after many years.  NHL93 was the hobby of choice for my pregnant girlfriend (now my wife) and me, back when we had to money to do anything else.  We always played as teammates; she'd ram the goalie and I'd shoot n score lol... well maybe that was NHL 92?  By the time 94 came out, we couldn't ram the invincible goalies anymore, so we got pretty good at the one-timer.  Anyways, I'm looking forward to getting involved in the community here, maybe even learn how to edit the game.  That sounds pretty fun!


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31 minutes ago, matthew_d said:

@smozoma LOL man that looks like so much fun!  Federov "wasted" baahahaha I need to learn how to make videos too, how fun!

Sweet logo, there. Almost as cool as Whale-Tang-Clan.


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18 hours ago, matthew_d said:

@clockwise that's a clever one!  It was cool to see the hurricanes wear that old whalers uniform earlier this year.

Been trying to get a Whalers blank with a GZA name plate #93. Just can't find a place that will do the crest as a one-off.

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