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ECHL is here to stay!!!!

This is a NHL95 version of the ECHL (East Coast Hockey League).

  • 26 Teams in the league - Just like in real life. 
  • Rosters updated as of September 4th, but will need a quick once over.
  • 8 additional teams from previous years (folded)
    • Alaska Aces
    • Chicago Express
    • Dayton Bombers
    • Greensboro Generals
    • Knoxville Cherokees
    • Peoria Rivermen
    • Elmira Jackals
    • Quad City Mallards

If there is anything else you would like to see in NHL95. Let me know of PM me.


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Might just have to give Lordo's Swamp Rabbits a whirl agaibst his olf team from Wheeling...

Working lovley on RetroArch. One minor text issue where the "na" from the end of "arena" doesn't scroll with the rest of the text when at the extreme end of a long row of text, but that's a incredibly minor issue.

Enjoyed my first game, getting Pelech (ex EIHL player who I intensely dislike) deliberately binned repeatedly for the Swamp Rabbits against the Nailers. Lost 0-1, but being 3 on 5 for 85% of the game hardly helped, lol.

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