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93 Fighting after the whistle....

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soooo... started messing around with nhl again and started thinking...  i wonder what extends penaltys in 92 and i wonder if i can get fighting after the whistle in 93...

so i started taking FIGHTING hex from 92 and putting it in 93... and didnt find too much yet....

one interesting thing i did, when a fight breaks out, it goes right to the penalty box scene, dont even get to see the gloves drop (remember the timer before the fight is broken up and the penalty is called)

and then i thought... maybe its a timer   for the  ICING, FACEOFF, PERIOD OVER, GAME OVER ECT...

something thats canceling a penalty (except a fight) from the time the play is called dead, til the next faceoff

so i started transfering hex to those and all i managed to do is scramble the referee window in the upper left

i accomplished nothing BUT... i think theres something to be found messing around with the penaltys


and tonight i read this again...

and realized what the world wants is the "NHLPA 94" protoype 

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