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made in 1983, Hoccer is an arcade game created by Eastern Micro Electronics. Hoccer is a sport set in the future, it is played with a mix element of both hockey and soccer, hence the name. You play as a lone Hoccer player, who is armed with a hockey stick and must score as many goals as he can and importantly be the last one standing. While its generally an arcade game not so much a full blown sports game (but definitely could be made into one), the body checking and scoring goal elements of hockey is there. but what makes it more high scoring is that body checking or shooting the puck directly at the players of the opposing team earns you points as well, hitting star side targets (speedball 2 anyone?) also earn you points. the opposing teams get tougher as you reach different leagues.


hoccer (1).png


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47 minutes ago, MonkeyHead said:

Serious Speedball 2 vibes from this - even the eagle logo, as a similar one appeared in sone menus on speedball. Bet the Bitmap bros played this at some point.

that might be coincidence, bitmap brothers started in 1987, their first speedball was made in 1988, 5 years after Hoccer. Then the successor Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe came out 3 years later in 1990, but I do see connection which it uses the star sideboards that earns you points and even injuring players also add points to your score similarly to Hoccer. their main inspiration for both speedball games at the time was futuristic sports stories in comics like Action and 2000ad, despite getting compared to Rollerball by many fans and reviewers.

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