So TecmoSuperBowl.Org is gone...

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THis site had great mods of not just the NFL like it was intended to be but also had other sports, not really hockey, cause thats what this site is about but is there another site like TecmoSuperBowl.Org where there are mods currently being done???

Still looking at the NHL94/normal NHL mods in this site

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On 10/1/2020 at 8:56 AM, Edge of '94 Midwest said:

I think you meant


There are links on their site with a farewell message pointing towards places where you can get rom hacks and other tools.



Yes i did mean that, sorry

THose links are just for NFL hacks

I really am interested in MLB/NBA/NCAAFB/Soccer hacks moreso than other leagues... of course is for hockey

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