Perfect Games - 100 Goals Scored, Shutout & 10 Points/Player

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NHL 94 for Sega is my favorite game of ALL TIME!  
I have completed the “Perfect game” with every team except Ottawa (maybe some day)!!

Score 100 goals, shutout your opponent AND get each player a minimum of 10 points each.  Has anyone else accomplished this by chance?

Penalties and Offsides OFF against the CPU...



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Wanted to include Penalties/Offsides
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You have to start the video at the 1:26:05 mark (this is one example of me and my buddy Josh completing a “Perfect Game”).  I’m no video editing genius by any stretch!

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2 minutes ago, kingraph said:

20 minute periods I assume...what team is the CPU?  I think a few of us around here can get this done with Ottawa, but that's quite a challenge!


Has to be 20 minute periods yes!

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Just now, Champ Weit said:

Has to be 20 minute periods yes!

CPU is Anaheim (most times).  I never adjusted the game code or anything like that - don’t want to be a cheater!!

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