Perfect Game w/ Ottawa - Request for Help!!

Champ Weit

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When the time comes, I think I’ll need some assistance completing the Perfect Game with Ottawa - who wants to help?!  20 minute periods, 10 points per player, pitch a shutout AND score 100 goals.  I leave penalties and line changes OFF...

I would imagine most of you can complete a PG with a vast majority of the teams against the CPU, but I’m finding it’s a whole heck of a lot harder  to do it with Ottawa because of their sub-par roster and the fact that they’re left-handed shot heavy.  Heck, if one of you (or a team of you) can do it I probably won’t bother trying any more - my life would be complete.

It is SO much harder to accumulate points (even against the CPU) with the bottom third of Ottawa’s roster that it would take a decent effort (and the expertise of a bona fide NHL 94 Sega Genesis sniper) to accomplish it.  Who’s willing to help me out?  Or at least check it off the NHL 94 bucket list on your own?


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I would LOVE it if you guys could do it!  Yes Kingraph, you can absolutely score more than 10 points per player if you need to!  And it’s every single player on that team’s roster, yes.  If I remember correctly, Ottawa has 25 players?  Give the SCRUBS some LOVE!!  Get prepared to wear out your reset button guys!

Fluke goal allowed or Yake (or Semenov) sneak one past you?  RESET

Scoring pace severely lacking?  RESET

Game-ending injury or an injury in the third period when you seem to have a sniff at it?  RESET

It’ll make my day if it’s done on an original Genesis, and like I said NO CODE CHANGING!!  I didn’t even know that was doable.

My expertise with NHL 94 is with racking up goals and points with the guys who weren’t supposed to.  To give you guys an idea, one game I scored more than 100 goals with Stan freaking Drulia.  Just sayin!

I have ALL of my “Perfect Games” recorded on separate VHS tapes.  Just have to work on converting them someday.  I shared a link in the forum earlier to the one I posted on YouTube when me and my buddy Josh did it with Buffalo probably 15 years ago or so?  They’re our team!

Yes, I have a copy of myself as a single player completing a PG with Buffalo as well.  Do you guys know anyone who could edit the videos down to a more reasonable length?  Problem is, I would set the VCR and let it run until I completed a PG, so there’s typically quite a bit of unnecessary video at the beginning of the tape.  My buddy has been providing me a cloud link after he converts them for me.  
Best of luck!  Ottawa has been my white whale so to speak...

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So I started to lay this idea out and I doubt I can accomplish this feat.  Ottawa does have 25 players, which means you need to accumulate 250 points out of 300 possible, or average 2.5 points per goal.  Scoring 100 goals alone is difficult enough, let alone making sure that on average every one of your goals has at least two assists tagged.  I think about all the wonky passing I'd have to do, followed by executing a goal every 36 seconds for 60 minutes, I don't think I can do this.  Also not letting one up!  

Players: 25
Points/Player: 10
Total Points: 250
Total Goals: 100
Points/Goal: 2.5
Total Points Avail: 300
Excess Points50
Total Minutes: 60
Total Seconds: 3600
Seconds/Goal: 36

Goals/Period: 33-34

I'll give it a shot to see how it goes, but this is a tall order!

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I gave it the same mathematical breakdown in my head during my commute home and came to the same conclusion as Raph. My thinking switched to the fact that the shutout would be the easiest part, followed by 100 goals, followed lastly by each player with 10 points.


I ended up giving it a run last night and won 60-3. I had 10 players with 10 points, only one of them being a defender. Getting 10 assists from each goalie while scoring quickly seems to be a real bugger. 

I'll give this a few more tries but this seems like a Herculean task. I can manipulate a few things to aid some of the really poor players on Ottawa but maintaining the scoring pace while snapping the puck around is a lot to ask. 

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You guys absolutely NAILED how flipping difficult it is!!  Even with excellent teams it’s pretty tough.  By far the worst part is how hard it is to pass the puck around with a roster filled with guys whose offensive awarenesses are in the 30s and 40s.

I’ve had the most success with the other teams when I start the worst players (typically the worst of the worst at center) and slot in someone who has at least SOME sort of scoring ability and take it up the wing and cut across the goal mouth.

I appreciate you guys trying.  Ottawa is the ONLY team that I haven’t accomplished it with yet!  San Jose is no cake walk, either.  If I remember correctly they have ten defensemen and three goalies - yikes!

I am certain WITHOUT a SHADOW of a DOUBT that you guys are cold-blooded assassins when it comes to scoring with the Roenicks and Yzermans of the game!  My forte has been, like I said, racking up points with the scrubs - maybe because I can relate so well to them?!  Just like I’m sure I’d be the scrub when we get the chance to play some games head-to-head someday.  
Believe it or not, the PGs in 94 are easier when it comes to the goalie challenge in 93.  I’ll be happy to figure out a way to record those and post them on the forum for you guys someday!  For the goalie challenge, let’s talk some numbers - you have to average a minor penalty about every 20-30 seconds while trying desperately to keep the puck out of your own net, because all those goals against wipe away the penalties that you’re in continual need of to even have the opportunity to score with your goalies...  It still isn’t the easiest to score on the CPU with your goalies, especially when you’re always at a 3-on-5 disadvantage.

I was curious to know how you guys fared with Ottawa - makes me feel a little better knowing I can at least have the PGs and the 93 goal challenge to help boost up my self esteem for the time being!

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I gave this a couple more tries with Ottawa and never really got much beyond 60-65 goals which led me to wonder if I could do it with a better team. I ran attempts with Chicago, Quebec, and Los Angeles and only came away with slightly better results than I did with Ottawa.

LA was my best run, I scored 75 goals, all of my forwards had 10 points except for Gretzky (9 pts), but only 4 defenseman and 0 goalies were able to attain that point total. I don't really know if I can even muster one perfect game with any team because it is just so brutal to get the defenseman and goalies involved along with all the forwards.

Now, in online play I don't too often get my hands on the elite players, in fact I often times get the very mediocre players and have had very successful seasons with Kontos, Berezan, Goulet, Kelly Miller, Petit, Nylander, Yake, etc., I know I can score with or get any player on any roster involved but I'm clearly missing something here because I'm not even close to obtaining a perfect game. 

What I am running into is the same thing I encountered during my initial attempts at the World Record for largest goal differential and that is a hot computer goalie. There are instances during the course of the game where the goalie refuses to bite on crease cuts, or will refuse to budge on a money deke. There will be other occurrences of a good player missing a wide open net or shooting it back into the goalie after being cleanly beaten. There were two moments in quick succession where I had Jimmy Carson at the top of the goalie crease wide open with the entire net to hit and he pumped them both well wide off one timer attempts. Sure, sometimes a puck will go into the crowd but these were just clean misses off to the side from the top of the goalie crease. These things just tend to happen for stretches of a game when you leave your own goalie in the net.

The community discovered a few months ago that you could obtain 99 shot accuracy for all players on your team if you pull your own goalie. I haven't done this yet because it goes against the spirit of a perfect game and it would not be fun to constantly pull and replace the goalie as needed.

With all of this taken into consideration, @Champ Weit should consider taking a run at the world record for largest goal differential which currently stands at 104 in a 10 minute period game. If you can score over 100 goals while obtaining 250+ points involving all of the players on your roster, then you can surely make a competitive run at the record. If you can score every 35 seconds by snapping it around with scrubs then you can make a run at scoring every 15 seconds with superstars. Also, if you pull your goalie, I think you will increase your odds greatly. We tried your challenge and failed miserably. Now try ours and see what you can do!

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I tried a few attempts and my best effort was something like 26 goals before I gave up a goal.  And I wasn't close to the 100 goal pace.  

I think similar to a record run WITH goalie, my main issues were everything AJ says above.  Scoring isn't a problem, it's the length of those CPU hot streaks or your brutal cold streaks.  You just need a special game to get the record.

I don't even think it's possible with Ottawa.  I'd try a run with savestates if anything to see if it's feasible. 

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By far the hardest part with these Perfect Games is getting the lowest rated players done first, along with keeping the goalies on pace.  I would frequently reset the game if I was underperforming 5-10 minutes into the game.  
Ottawa might very well be impossible!  

I’ll take a crack at 104 whenever the heck I get a chance.  I like the idea that the game screen won’t get all weird after goal #112 (or whichever one it is) if I’m trying that in 10 minute periods.  I can’t imagine I’d be able to do much better than 104, but who knows?  I’ve never attempted to run it up like that in ‘94, but I guess you only have to break a world record ONCE, right guys?!

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