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Hi all!

I've been thinking of starting a thread like this for a while, mostly to be a self-serving journal of all of my ROMs. I wanted to set up a place to track my progress and see how things improve over time, put all of my project, keep a record of what projects got to what point, and also act as a back-up incase my computer dies, since I haven't uploaded all of my projects here.

Attached in each post is a .bin file, and a brief description of the ROM. There's some goodies that never made it onto the site, and some pretty weird stuff, so I figure I

My goal is to add something to this once or twice a month, since I want to make some more ROM hacks since I have nothing but time on my hands as a student during a pandemic.

edit: "retired" now, but thankful I made this to back up some other stuff I never posted because my last laptop died. forever grateful for the effort that goes into maintaining storage and access for this site/community.

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The first ROM hack I ever made, NHAHA 13

When did I make it? Summer 2013

What are the rosters? 2012-13 NHAHA Rosters

  • Bare bones ROM hack that I thought about going back and "remastering", which is what led to this thread
  • Rosters "reflect" my U10 league I was playing in. A few generous ratings to friends on my team and others, a few spiteful ones to kids I didn't like.
  • There are no graphical changes other than uniforms. This is the beginning of my ROM hacking "career", and there was nowhere to go but up.


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The next one I could find (I'm sure there was a whole lot of absolute s**t between this one and the first one, just never uploaded it)

When did I make it? Spring 2018

What are the rosters?  Mighty Ducks Triology Fictional Rosters

  • This one is actually pretty good, it's a full fledged remake of the "big games" from the old Mighty Ducks movies.
    • I'm not quite sure what else is playable, but the playoff mode should let you run through a "story" mode for each movie.
  • This one stands out since some podcasters actually talked about it, and I saw people playing it on Facebook Live at one point.
  • I've thought about going back to this one, probably would kick everything over to the 32-team rom and work at it a bit differently.


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I love 3 on 3, and grew up playing it, so I combined it with the core ideas from the EASHL player classes to build a balanced rom.

When did I make it? Spring 2018 (?)

What are the rosters? Placeholders.

  • Literally all identical teams with different graphics
    • Borrowed from the short-lived WHA reboot.
  • It's pretty fact paced, balanced gameplay, but in all honesty doesn't have a lot of charm.


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My poor attempt at a G.O.A.T. rosters ROM hack.

When did I make it? Spring 2020

What are the rosters? "All-Time" NHL Rosters

  • I cut corners on the ratings so everyone is about the same.
  • The rosters are a bit iffy at best. I'd go as far as to say they're bad, actually.
  • This is one I might revisit and try to seek some more public opinions on rosters. Any team that was founded after
    • Maybe use best individual seasons, kind of like how NBA 2k MyTeam does their things (you get a 2015-16 Lebron James instead of just Lebron James, and so on)

NHL 94 (Legends) - GENS.bin

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ROM from my senior year of high school.

When did I make it? Winter 2019

What are the rosters? 2019-20 NHIAA Rosters

  • Special place in my heart since last year was likely the last time I will play hockey competitively.
  • There's not much reason to download this unless you know me personally :)
  • I made myself the title screen/athlete since I started it my junior year when I was a 4th liner, so it was a lot funnier to have the cover athlete be a 30 overall.

Sean Moriarty Hockey 20 - Winter Update.bin

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NHL 21 Rewind (NHL 21 Update with 94-style graphics)

When did I make it? Fall 2020

What are the rosters? 2020-21 NHL Rosters

  • I really love this one, I think it gives infinitely more charm to the game with the 90s logos and graphics.
  • Ratings/rosters/player cards are still WIP.

NHL 21 Rewind.bin

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Kim Jong-Un VS The NHL All-Stars

When did I make it? Summer 2020

What are the rosters?  Fictional (Placeholders, NHL Players, Politicians)

  • I based this one on North Korean sports propaganda, but mainly this parody here.
  • I understand if people don't like this one, but I just wanted a ROM to practice with a shitty slow team in, and had just talked about their propaganda machine with a friend, so I thought this was the perfect way to do so.
  • This was the first "micro" hack I did, and I really like the small bite size format, so I'm definitely thinking about more of these in the future.

Kim Jong Un vs The NHL All-Stars.bin

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These are hilarious / awesome. Brings back so many memories of the first "roms" (if you can even call them that) that I would make when I started using NOSE but wasn't brave enough to try and learn Tile Molester yet. Absolute garbage but I still had a blast playing them and fooling around with all the different variables. 

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20 hours ago, seamor said:



NHL Jam 21 v1.1.bin 2 MB · 0 downloads

v 1.0 Released 11/3/20, removed 11/4/20, 23 downloads.


  • 32 playable teams, with the Soviet Union acting as a placeholder for the eventual Seattle Kraken team. They're a pretty tough squad to beat since I just took the 5 best players from the Red Army team's history, so every player is 90+, and if they get hot, it's a tough match-up. Makarov, Kharlamov, and Tretiak make up their main group.
  • Like in NBA Jam TE, each team has 4 active skaters (and a goalie).
  • The 0:00 Periods that take you straight to OT are in the game as the Sudden Death option in period length.
  • This game is 100% mostly crash proof in normal play, which I think is somewhat nice for a 32 team and 2 on 2 ROM. No need to rush around to choose teams, or skip over the match-up screen anymore, which is nice (especially when it goes on my arcade stand).
  • I tried to make the game feel arcadey, so the even-teams style from the normal 2 on 2 ROMs is out the window, and hot/cold is on. This also allows for handicapping if you're playing against someone worse than you (usually better than for me though :)), and also gives each team/player a fun identity.
  • I pumped this baby full of goofs, gags, and easter eggs. Some are just silly player cards, alternate jerseys, or graphics, but others may require a little bit of line editing to find...

Required Thank Yous

  • @smozoma was a big help in hunting down a lot of the hex values that needed to be changed, and answered a lot of my questions along the way. SmozROM and EARE also are always a big help on a project like this!
  • @slapshot67 made the 32-team ROM base, which makes this possible in the first place.
  • @Sauce's 2020 Playoff ROM was the working base for this since I had been slowly chipping away at it since summer, so a lot of the graphics were already there for me!

Known Bugs

  • The Sudden Death game style doesn't work in the playoffs, because of how the game treats OT compared to the Regular Season mode.
  • There were some comprimises to crash proof the game.
    • The Player Cards screen on the in-game menu will crash the game. It has been changed to "DON'T OPEN", just to make sure it's avoided.
    • Names show up twice on the main menu, because of the way that the Winnipeg Freeze Bug had to be stopped. Couldn't get rid of one without getting rid of the other either.
    • Noted hockey expert Lazlow Holmes will not tell you who is hot or cold, since the game would sometimes try to pick player slots that didn't exist, crashing the game. The bonuses are still on, and you see them under the player image, just he won't tell you.
  • Some of the center ice logos (Chicago and Ottawa come to mind) could be better.

If you find anything at all, such as a bugged player card, incorrect number, or just want to complain, let me know.


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Posted (edited)

Posting the projects I want to get done this summer here, so I can pretend there's some sort of accountability for them"

- Polish my NHL Pond Hockey game, and release a new version with non-current NHL rosters

- Make the "NHL Street" companion game I was planning out a while ago

- Maybe an NHL Jam sequel?

We'll see! Last summer before I have to go out and fully join the adult world, so in the words of Mr. Incredible... I've got time.


Update: So uh... things aren't looking so hot. I ended up getting a big boy job at an office where I do big boy things way before I planned, and that poses a threat to my summer of gaming from a time standpoint. I will probably touch up this one project I'd like to keep a secret and then retire again. May the force be with you.

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Forgot to add this! My best work, in my opinion. Forward momentum on another project right now, excited to share and also release CHGD updates this winter.

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