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Hi All,

I used to be active on this forum a long time ago, I think it was 2010ish. I played in the Blitz league. Was looking through the current forums and I didn't see blitz anymore, though maybe I missed it. Is there a weightfix league/rom that people play? I want to get back into NHL94.

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Welcome back!  This is a fantastic community.  Perhaps either @kingraph @angryjay93 @smozoma or @chaos might know regarding the Blitz league?

If you haven't yet, grab the new Retroarch package from www.nhl94online.com, and join the Discord server so you can find people to play against.  Typically people use the playoff roms so that there is "unlimited" overtime clock. 

Peace bud.

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Blitz died many years ago, after season 11 in Oct'15.  @Plabaxbeat me in 6 in the finals for a second year in a row: http://nhl94online.com/html/playoffs.php?lg=28

Since then there have been WBF style leagues.  I agree with what @Edge of '94 Midwestsaid, hop on the Discord and see what's happening!

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