Series of Online Qualifier Tournaments for Edge of 94 Midwest

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Last year, we were in full prep mode for "Modano Mo Problems".  Circumstances are not yet permitting us to commit to a time/venue for a local event.

As many of you know, I'm heavily involved with the Tecmo Super Bowl community, and run a tournament called "Full Nelson" every year in Green Bay.  Leading up to this tournament, we ran a series of paid online events with approximately 2 week schedules, followed by an additional week off, with a portion of the payout going to the winner, and the remainder going into the prize pool for that tournament.  After that we would roll into another tournament.

In short, they were a huge success.  Over $1,000 was paid out during the tournament weekend(over double the payout of the previous year), heavily boosted by the online participation.  To keep things fair, we did not allow the winner of one of these qualifiers to compete again.  In turn, that individual also won free entry to the live event.

It's my intention to do the same thing with NHL94 online events.  To mirror the fun of many of the Tecmo qualifiers, there will be themes and unique rules for each of these tournaments.  Although we do not have a live event scheduled, we know it's only a matter of time before we can finally host an event.  If that reality isn't possible in 2021, we would make sure to host an online tournament to mirror what we do in our live event, and then payout those funds we had collected from the qualifiers.  Our goal is 16-24 players per tournament.  With the recent increase of 

I will be posting our first of hopefully four qualifier tournaments soon, and it's my intention to start games by the first the first week of December.  While we will permit people to stream their own games, we do reserve the right to stream the championship streams.  Those of you know the past of our events know we can put a quality broadcast with high end commentary together for you.

Thank you for your consideration and support, as we press forward.





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