NHL94 Heroes Online Qualifier Tournament - Gens

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More details and signup to be found here: https://tinyurl.com/nhl94heroes


This is a paid online tournament that awards free entry to our next live event to the winner, along with 50% of the collected fees, the other 50% will go to the prize pool of our next annual live event.

Signups are limited, and the draft will be taking place no later than the first weekend in December.

5 Minute periods

Penalties are on, no offsides

Weight bug is standard, not corrected

More details to come, so please get signed up today!


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Current signups(15) :

Leif Erikson

Slapshot Sean



Chris O



niuhuskie224(Scott S)








We are hoping to start this with 16 players.  Perhaps we can get some love from some other online vets.


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I'm happy to report we're over halfway to our initial goal of 16 players.


@Scribe99 @kingraph @Mike Gartner @CoachMac @jer_33 @smozoma just tagging you guys as you've been involved in our live events before.  Thanks for your attention and interest.

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Just a quick update, I've been battling a cold(no not Rona), and have catching up from month end things at work.  I should have a list of Heroes and draft positions, along with how the teams will be modified for this, hopefully by the weekend.  There are still spots open.

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Here is a quick snapshot at the start of the bracket.  I'll be posting links to stream videos of the series games that are interesting.  This is a single elimination bracket, with each stage being a best 2/3 series.


Here is a link to the only competitive group play series we had footage for, between myself and @DPShttps://fb.watch/2LyTWdHJ7s/  

The remainder of the games we will broadcast will be for the playoffs.  Thank you and we hope you'll enjoy them, as much as we did making them!


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