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NHL Jam 94 v1.0.bin


  • Fast-paced, arcade-stick friendly, 2 on 2 action!
  • Rosters based upon the 1993-94 NHL Season, with logos, uniforms, and player cards to reflect the era.
  • Take on the Eastern and Western Conference All-Stars, or decide who will achieve global domination by pitting the North American and European All-Stars against one another!
  • Just like NHL Jam 21 v1.4, the playoff mode is retooled to be more challenging, by working in the all-star teams.
  • Like in NBA Jam TE, each team has 4 active skaters (and a goalie).
  • The 0:00 Periods that take you straight to OT are in the game as the Sudden Death option in period length.
  • This game is 100% mostly crash proof in normal play, which I think is somewhat nice for a 32 team and 2 on 2 ROM. No need to rush around to choose teams, or skip over the match-up screen anymore, which is nice (especially when it goes on my arcade stand).
  • I tried to make the game feel arcadey, so the even-teams style from the normal 2 on 2 ROMs is out the window, and hot/cold is on. This also allows for handicapping if you're playing against someone worse than you (usually better than for me though :)), and also gives each team/player a fun identity.
  • Just like the original, I pumped this baby full of goofs, gags, and Easter eggs. Some are just silly player cards (which are a lot harder since there was no social media back then!), alternate logos, or graphics, but others may require a little bit of line editing to find...

Required Thank Yous

  • @smozoma was a big help in hunting down a lot of the hex values that needed to be changed, and answered a lot of my questions along the way. SmozROM and EARE also are always a big help on a project like this!
  • @slapshot67 made the 32-team ROM base, which makes this possible in the first place.
  • @naples39 and @CoachMac's old school ROMs served as a great working base for attributes, since I never got to see a lot of these players live, let alone during this era.

Known Bugs

  • The Sudden Death game style doesn't work in the playoffs, because of how the game treats OT compared to the Regular Season mode.
  • There were some compromises to crash proof the game.
    • The Player Cards screen on the in-game menu will crash the game. It has been changed to "DON'T OPEN", just to make sure it's avoided.
    • Names show up twice on the main menu, because of the way that the Winnipeg Freeze Bug had to be stopped. Couldn't get rid of one without getting rid of the other either. I know the Freeze Bug should be a non-issue in this ROM, but I wasn't taking any chances since it's going on my arcade stand.
    • Gary Thorne will not tell you who is hot or cold, since the game would sometimes try to pick player slots that didn't exist, crashing the game. The bonuses are still on, and you see them under the player image, just he won't tell you.
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14 minutes ago, seamor said:
  • each team has 4 active skaters (and a goalie).

On the ice or on the roster?
Just trying to figure out if this is 2on2-Jam.

BTW, love the Trapper Keeper splash screen.

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6 minutes ago, clockwise said:

On the ice or on the roster?
Just trying to figure out if this is 2on2-Jam.

BTW, love the Trapper Keeper splash screen.

On the roster, still 2 on 2 like the last one. I used to put it in the title, but it read super clickbaity when I looked at it.

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14 minutes ago, CoachMac said:

Very impressed with your work.


I hope to see an Old Time Version of this.

Thanks! I'm hoping to do an old-time hockey version (or two) sooner than later, preferably one for each decade.

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