Icebreaker, Naturalmotion failed attempt to bring backbreaker physics to ice hockey video games

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On the 29th September 2009, NaturalMotion released an American football game for iOS and Android mobile platforms called Backbreaker. a game that soon introduces not football but sports gaming to the showcase of physics-based gameplay that games outside of sports games uses now like rockstar's GTA, Backbreaker did very well in the mobile gaming market. then NaturalMotion released Backbreaker for game consoles under the publishing of 505 Games on 1st of June 2010 in North America and on 25th of June 2010 in the European countries after running into delays with its original release date of late 2008. Backbreaker and Naturalmotion introduced the Euphoria game engine, which determines real-time physics animations to be created on the spot dynamically rather than depending on limited canned animations that have been a plaguing issue in sports video games. meaning the tackles and trucking physics would be different each time. the results spawn gameplay, leagues, and highlight videos that show off the game's endorphin physics.

Despite the game being praised for the Euphoria animation system, realistic physical gameplay, replay feature, and the deep team customization and logo editor, it was not without its problems ranging from its limited online play, poor passing games, a distracting camera angle, and lack of depth in single-player modes. NM take these critiques into account and released a patch on August 6, 2010 fixing some of the issues and improve the AI, add new playbooks, and enhanced the replay feature. 

 then on Jun 29, 2011 NaturalMotion put on a sequel (but not really) called Backbreaker: Vengeance, which was more of a downloadable title for Xbox 360 and ps3, and mobile app focus on extended mini-games and challenges offered in the original. then from there, Naturalmotion decides to call it quits on console games and just continue to work on mobile games and provide its physic engines to other game companies.

On that same day, however, Naturalmotion also dips its toes in Ice hockey and released Icebreaker Hockey to offer show physics engine to hockey gaming.

Does its gameplay do just to the slick speed and the physical rough tumble gameplay of hockey?..ummm not really...

What's offered here is similar to its  Backbreaker: Vengeance meaning its just wave-ridden challenges and mini-games with no offering you to play a full game of hockey. it is fun to pick up and play challenges, but besides that, it offers you nothing much. and compared to Backbreaker, This game still feels shy to break the ice and bring the fast paced action and hard hits of hockey.

I have covered another physics hockey game that's both abandonware and open-source called Underworld Hockey Club years back when i joined the forum. that kind of feel like it offers the backbreaker like physics in bodychecking alongside the arcadey mutant league hockey like gameplay. which I might bump that thread for a revisit and a full gameplay video.

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