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Finding Tiles the EASY way?


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i dont understand the address in the below pictures.... there must be a easier way to find a single tile in YYCHR


ID: 374


in TM  E358C +15 = E359B 


more later...





if i line up the face to the first tile i get 0E3D0C, which makes me believe that is the real address



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one thing i though was cool was how you can "Dump VRAM"

to vram.bin

then edit it with YYCHR or TM

then "Load VRAM" to see your changes   IN GAME!!! (while the game is paused)

its a fast and easy way to make graphical changes... BUT, i have no idea how to save it permanently!!! 


hey you know what... you are right, i dumped the VRAM and lined up the face and look at the address at the bottom   6E80




so the question now is...  how do you trace the address back to the position in the rom  =/

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15 hours ago, AdamCatalyst said:

Did you ever figure this out? I’m stuck on the exact same thing, trying to track down a few sprites that elude my eyes when I review the whole binary. 

I know this isn't the "EASY" way as this thread is asking, but the way I find particular tiles on images is using rows of hex tiles like these examples:

hex tiles - 1 x 16.png (1 x 16 one row)

hex tiles - 16 x 16.png (16 x 16)

To replace graphic images in Tile Molester.  Then load the game up and see if I found the correct tiles.  Colors can still be tricky, which is why my examples have multiple different colors for the tiles. 

Here's something I did back when looking at Mutant League Hockey as an example:



Hope that helps somewhat.

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@kingraph That actually looks really helpful, thank-you for sharing! I'll try it out as soon as I get this CV19 cloudiness to clear my head.

BTW, your mutant league screen look awesome. I spend so much time obsessed with “realism,” I really need to take a broader look around and try out some of these fun looking creative mods!

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