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TRON Turbo Hockey [NHL Hockey (92)]

von Ozbourne

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Figure I've been using this resource long enough over the past year and a half that I should start sharing some work.
While I've been concurrently working on mods of all of the Genesis hockey games produced by EA, [except for Mutant League, but who knows what the future will bring] I haven't revisited this one in about eight months, so I guess it's considered done.

TRON Turbo Hockey
Developed by Kevin Flynn
Published by ENCOM
Annexed 9/22 by E. Dillinger

Based on EA Hockey (1991) for PAL regions.
The "Turbo mode" is achieved by playing the game on NTSC settings.
The cool part is that playing the 50 Hz game on a 60 Hz setting not only increases the frame rate by 20%, but it also affects the physics in a way where players are faster, shots harder and body checks more brutal. [There may, will be more fights if you are as addicted to that C button as I am]
"Awesome" '80s computer aesthetics. Full of futuristic grids and computer font goodness.
TRON style game grid and player uniforms. Not the most contrasting, but it fits the style and can be followed well enough.
Team names started with Alpha and Beta because, you know, programming, and just kind of stuck with the Greek alphabet motif throughout the modding process. Might change it if a better idea comes up, but it seems to fit. [Also I just really liked Team (Kenny) Omega].



UPDATE 2: This update includes forth option for period lengths unlocked, updated bench player sprites and updated "off-screen player pointer" and "active player stars" in addition to a couple other sprite fixes for in-game and presentation assets that I didn't know how to correct at the time I released the original. As well as the edit that allows teams #25 and #26 [the former All-Star teams] to be used in Playoff mode.

TRON Hockey v1.2.bin

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Alright, had to revisit this one since I got a lot better at doing these and know a lot more than I did when I put out the original, so here goes.

Updates and fixes in this version include:

A fourth period length option.

Changed up the pre-game match up screen to fit the darker aesthetic and reduced colours.

More fitting replay control HUD.

Fixed those arena sprites that use the second colour palette.

Fixed some discrepancies in the ref overlays that also use the second colour palette.

Faceoff ref holds a proper glowing Disc and will turn to look at where he's dropping the thing before doing so.

That should about do it for this one. Now to see if it's worth re-visiting for a 2.0 '94 based game...
TRON Hockey v1.2.bin

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Wait what!?! You updated this!?!? This is still my favourite ROM mod, and the one that I am most jealous that someone thought of first. I'd love to try a crack at something like this one day. But I'd want to try and do it as a patch that could be applied to an existing ROM, so basically a skin. Anyways, looking forward to going this one a spin again!

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Thanks eh. Although, full disclosure, I wasn't the first to think of the TRON+hockey idea, I think I was just the first to post a completed game.

And possibly the first? [only?] person person to bother modding EA Hockey.[?]
[though seriously, I can't stress enough how much fun playing the 50hz game on the 60hz setting is.]

A patch you say? As in so you can re-skin NHL24 so Connor and Connor can show off their skills when they see you on the game grid?

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