"Excuse me, while I whip this out!" (Circlejerk... No, really!)

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May I be the first to thank dantml and King of 94 for their recent "Classic League," uploads, on YouTube! :red_heart::exciting::red_heart:

As someone who doesn't really do Twitch, and I find discord too busy and confusing, it's fantastic to be able to watch the classic league matches, on a comfortable platform. With the exception of Smash64 and GoldenEye Speedrunning, '94 is the only gameplay I watch. Largely due to reasons of boredom, (also, non interest), so, it's great for a non-competitive player, like myself, to be able to still keep up with the league games.

Thank You, dantml and King of 94. :thumbs_up:

(Both of whom are ahead of Jay, who hasn't uploaded s**t in months - jus' sayin' -, and don't get me started on Smo... Who I had to resubscribe to, a second ago, just to make this potshot more moral.)

Cheers, from the UK, to organizers, uploaders and all of the players of this fantastic game... If you're ever in town, I'll lend you £10 and you can buy me a drink. :big_smile:

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