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End of the World - Season 1 - (NHL 95)


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First off, huge thanks to @clockwise for the idea and a springboard to start this off. As well as a few others @segathon @bushhockeyfan @jer_33 @smozoma @DeterminedApathy for some team ideas. If I forgot anyone...Im sorry.


Year – 1, Month – 0, Day – 1

Location – Planet Earth – Post Apocalyptic

The End of the World has arrived after a barrage of apocalyptic events occurring simultaneously from Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tectonic plate shifts, and nuclear war ravaged the planet and the population is left with limited resources and for what does remain, its dog eat dog.

With nothing left to live for other and life, a group of self-proclaimed “Gods of the Clock Galaxies” came together to and sent out a distress signal to all walks of life – humans, mutants, politicians, fantasy, aliens, imagination, etc. Announcing that there is a hockey tournament being held for the best of the best hockey teams across the galaxy. Since, it is the one sport that can survive a nuclear winter and play on almost any surface. They are not only competing for glory, and bragging rights, but a reason for living.

The teams clamored on Earth ranging from all skill levels to duke it out in a winner take all to stay alive. Millions of applications came rushing in, but the gods selected 34 to begin and only allowing 26 to compete. There is a major catch…Miss the playoffs, and the outcome is the execution of the team will take place before the Gods and be replaced with 10 new teams. And those teams are selected by the winner of the Death Blade Cup (Used to execute the eliminated teams).


Breakdown of the Rom:

  • Player ratings based on characteristics (Ie - Dead Presidents - Speed is their weakness due to them being dead, but have excellent awareness due to their knowledge).
  • Preview 
  • Trophy names have changed, but don't know how to change them.
    • Stanley Cup - Death Blade Cup
    • Hart - Gladiator
    • Norris - The Horesmen
    • Vezina - Cerberus
    • Art Ross - Sniper
    • Jennings - King of Olympus
    • Lady Byng - Alpha Superion
    • Selke - God of War
    • Presidents - Spartacus 
  • Preview Booklet - Lost some progress due to a computer crash. But Including it as a preview for Season 2. If someone wants to complete it or edit feel free.

I hope everyone enjoys and if there is advice please know.

End of the World - Season 1.docx EoW-S1.bin

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5 minutes ago, segathon said:

Hey game froze,  picked Team Jermey team 1 team nhl 95 team 2.  music went weird and then couldnt do anything.  Using retroarch


Hey Everyone. With the rom when choosing Jeremy Roenick or Mandalorian. As these 2 teams only have 1 player on the ice... do not go through the player cards. Just press start to skip the player cards and it will work.

I will attach an alternative rom that doesn't cause the game to freeze. As ill have the those 2 teams with 5 players but the other 4 ratings will be 25. @segathonthanks for the note. 

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Hello Everyone!!!

Here are the updated roms, with Mutant League Stars logo fixed in the main menu as well as the play card screen. In addition:

  • The rom below EoW-S1.bin is the one with Jeremy Roenick and the Mandalore Mandalorian as the only players. Just make sure to press start when playing against and as to avoid freezing.
  • The alternative rom EoW-S1-JRMM.bin is a modified version with Jeremy Roenick and the Mandalore Mandalorian teams with 5 players aside and you can scroll through the player cards without and issue. 
  • Season modes work perfectly, with issues. Looking for some ideas on the trophies for season 2 as well as I have the Deathblade provided by @clockwise which will replace the Stanley Cup image.



EoW-S1.bin EoW-S1-JRMM.bin

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