NHL '94 Game Card Set - full set @ 1200 dpi


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Right, after what feels like a decade, my copy of the "NHL '94 Game Card Set" finally arrived in the UK yesterday.  I know that the set has been scanned previously (and features on one of the main website's pages) but here is a further set of the 225 cards, all scanned at 1200 DPI (but averaging around 2.5MB a card, as I have not buggered around with the output size).  

The cards have been scanned on an "as is" basis and, other than applying some basic filters during the scanning process, I have not edited / Photoshopped the cards to get rid of, for instance, any scratches etc.  That said, given that the set is nearly 30 years old, is second hand (and then some) and has survived being processed by our postal service, I think that they look pretty good.

All of the files are named and the dimensions are uniform across the set (3070 x 4252).

The .zip file is around 880MB, so I have posted it on Google Drive:



@MonkeyHead - I am not sure if you have a copy of the set (or are remotely interested in it!) but FYI.

(If you spot any missing cards etc., let me know and I will rescan these, although everything should be there.)

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