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Chaos Draft League Season 1 Sign-up Thread


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I'd like this league to be recurring, taking place in between Classic League regular seasons. The number of signups will determine the number of games played. I'd like to keep the season less than 60 games, to move it along quickly. Signups will be capped at 24.


The league rules are currently being determined, and I ask that if you want to play in the league, please vote for the 2 questions in this thread - 



- Team advantages neutralized (Home/Away, PP/PK, Offense/Defense)

- 5 minute periods, no line changes

- Teams will consist of 6F, 4D, 2G for a total of 12 players/team.

- Penalties and Hot/Cold TBD. If penalties win the election, they will be 1 minute penalties. If Hot/Cold wins, I think I can limit the Hot/Cold effect, so it's not as drastic. I plan on trying this (big help from Smoz). 

- Goalies will be boosted (except Roy and Belfour). Goalies will have 1 added agility point, along with 1 point added each stick/glove attribute!

- Quick Goalie Switch and Extended Range- less time to hold B to switch to Goalie, and the Goalie can move out farther

- The league will feature and A and B sub-league, to help split up competition levels. 

- League promotion/demotion before the start of the next season. The B champ will move up, along with maybe 1 other B player, and the bottom of A will move down to B. 


This league will consist of a player draft, to be held after signups are complete.  I'll give signups a week, or until we fill up the signups.

Draft details will be discussed later, but the draft will be a snake draft. I'm thinking of alternating B and A players in the draft order. Trades will be limited to trade units (not number of trades, but number of assets), and trades will be approved by a trade commissioner (who I will pick that is not playing in the league), or by a committee (2 A and 2 B players, with me as tiebreaker) - I haven't decided yet, and will make a decision once I see who signs up.


If you want to join, post here, and post your team you'd like to have. Teams are first come, first serve. You can request A or B, but I will have the final say on where you go (to help balance out the leagues).

Also, shout out and big thanks to Kingraph, he's going to helping set up the ROM and a draft document.


1 - chaos (CGY)

2 - kidswasted (BOS, B  )

3 - angryjay (SJ)

4 - Mr. T (CHI)

5 - corbettkb (DAL)

6 - Chris O (PIT, B  )

7 - Sheehy (MTL, A)

8 - kingraph (ANH)

9 - sonoffett (LA)

10 - sebe (HAM, A)

11 - Szpakman (BUF, A)

12 - LeifErickson (WPG)

13 - dcicon (LVK or FLA)

14 - CoachMac (MIN)

15 - UncleSeth (OTT, A)

16 - danTML (TOR)

17 - Hokkeefan (VAN)

18 - SlapshotSean (QUE)

19 - Lupz (NYR)

20 - raider canuck

21 - Schmidt (CGS)

22 - zeppelin (HFD)

23 - kazelegend (Zoltan) (DET, A)

24 - scribe (EDM, A)



- pistolpete

- TecmoJon

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id like to be on the waitlist... B league since im pretty noob.... but im getting better.  

Bombjack on discord

My Team pref: 1) Quebec  2)Ottawa 3) Dallas



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