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Ice Hockey NES Online Tournament! Begins January 2021!

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I am releasing signup information for our next qualifier tournament, Ice Hockey for NES! Because this is not based on NHL94 directly, no one will be prohibited from signing up, even if you win NHL94 Heroes. I can directly assist anyone with getting the emulator package setup. Since most of you already have port forwarding setup on your PCs, it's just a matter of showing you how to get into a game. https://tinyurl.com/EdgeIceHockey2021

UPDATE!! : Rules can be found in this thread at the following link: 


Details are in the signup, but $15 to enter, everyone plays a 2/3 series in a double elimination format.  Assistance with getting your emulator configured is available.  Winner takes 50% of payout, remainder feeds the live event payout for the next live  Edge of 94 Midwest tournament.

ice hockey.jpg


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3D Nintendo Ice Hockey by NES--still-the-best on DeviantArt

Here are the rules for the tournament :


1) Period Length 7 Minutes, Game Speed: 3  We feel these settings keep the games at a proper length to limit risk of  "NES Thumb", while at the same time allow for proper reaction time for the heavy shots in an online environment, where the potential of latency has to be adjusted for.

2) Game Restrictions : You must always attempt to score goals by advancing the puck into the attacking zone.  A missed pass or a blue line reset is acceptable, granted that it is not for the purposes of stalling.  No use of controller physical or virtual turbo or intentional introduction of latency/lag is permitted.  Intentionally stalling may result in a goal being taken away.

3) Roster Building : Player 2 sets his player configuration first, then Player 1.  If Player 2 wants to make a change, Player 1 has the right to make an additional adjustment before the game begins.

Ice Hockey (NES) — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy  guide wiki

4) Mercy Rule : There is a 10 goal mercy rule in effect.  No need in extending the potential humiliation of getting beat down this bad.  If you're losing/winning by 10 goals, the game is over.

5) Player/Team Selection: A best of 3 series(first to two wins advances) will be played.  A virtual coin flip will happen to decide who is Player 1 by Trojan(that's me) your humble tournament organizer.  Player 2 will always have first choice of their favorite team, per game played.   A Player 1/2 swap will commence for game 2.  If a deciding game 3 is to take place, whoever has the highest goal differential will be Player 1 in the 3rd game.  In the event of a tied goal differential, the person who was Player 1 in game 1 will be Player 1 again.


6) Emulator/Rom Access: Once signup/payment has been confirmed, you will be contacted about getting access to the emulator.  It is recommended that you port forward UDP/TCP to port 6996 from your home router, to your PC.  You must be running a native Windows environment(Recommend Windows 7 or higher), and be using Ethernet for your connection method to your home/office router.  While the NEStopia emulator netplay experience can be better for a number of people for casual wifi usage, history has shown us that wifi usage can and does greatly diminish the experience for users by creating slowdowns, and greater risk of being disconnected.  Assistance with configuring the emulator and router can be given by Trojan(That's Me) upon appointment.

7) Streaming/Game Recording: Players are permitted to stream their own tournament games on their personal stream channels, IE Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc.  We only ask that you allow us to stream the Semifinals and Finals(last two series in winners bracket and final series in loser bracket).  The process for recording games is different vs the RA process, and instructions will be provided.

8) Payout: Exactly 50% of collected funds will be paid out to the winner.  The remaining 50% will be added to an eventual live NHL94 tournament event prize pool for Edge of 94 Midwest.  Winning this tournament does not prevent participation from a future Edge online tournament in 2021, nor does winning a previous tournament prevent access, as this is not a  NHL94 experience, just a retro video game hockey one.  :)

9) Communication with your opponent/gameplay window/score reporting:  On average we will give a 48 hour window to complete your series with your opponent.  We're all adults here with different responsibilities and schedules.  That being said, please commit to a time that works for both parties, and get ALL of your series games in during one sitting.  In the event a real world situation(IE get delayed at work, traffic, home situations with family) happen, simply send a message to your opponent to let them know your situation so they aren't waiting around to play a game that won't be happening.  Scores will be reported directly via direct message to Trojan-Full Nelson Tecmo#1343 on Discord, along with a screenshot of your score.  Both players are required to send this to confirm the results. 

10) Tournament start/finish date : Our goal is to start the week of January 25th, with getting the bulk of games/series played over the pro bowl weekend.  Our goal is to be complete prior to the Super Bowl February 7th.  A live stream of the championship will take place on the Edge of 94 Midwest Facebook Page.  www.facebook.com/gbnhl94  


11) Dealing With Disputes: Sometimes competition leads to disputes, or technical difficulties.  Trojan(again that's me) reserves the right to make any judgement calls or modifications as needed to ensure a fair experience for all involved.  Any and all disputes should be first attempted to be sorted one privately with your opponent.  In the event a satisfactory outcome is not agreed upon, then please bring the concerns to me.  Historically the online/local tournaments run over the past 4 + years have been free of any significant issues.



Thank you for your consideration, and if you have questions about the rules, or need something answered that isn't covered here, please ask in the thread below, or directly message "Trojan-Full Nelson Tecmo#1343" on Discord.


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I wanted to provide an update as we're getting close to the start of this tournament.

In order to have enough time to help everyone get situated with the technical end of things, I'm asking that you get signed up ASAP.

Our goal is 16 players, and we're not there yet, so please help us spread the word, and if you're on the fence, I promise you'll have a good time!



You can sign up here https://tinyurl.com/EdgeIceHockey2021



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We are just under 1 week away from our intended start date of January 25th.  We're a handful of players short from where we'd like to be at, so I'd like to put out another ping/request and encourage folks to join us for this.  

What are the benefits to you?

1) All the work is done for you.  This means you'll be setup to play literally anything you want to play on NES against/with other buds, be it Ice Hockey, Blades of Steel, RBI Baseball, Tecmo Super Bowl, Contra etc, and any rom hacks for NES.  If you're already setup to play NHL94 online, then the effort required to get you going will be minimal.

2) The Nestopia emulator has been around a lot longer than Retroarch, and thus has an overall much smoother gameplay experience vs what many experience with RA.

3) The game is simply fun.  While not as deep as our favorite hockey game, it still holds up today.  There's a reason why it came back to the Switch online service

There's still time!  Let's get you on board!



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