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On 1/12/2021 at 1:00 PM, smozoma said:

Interesting.. I suppose if this actually worked it would be neat on an emulator where you could stretch the screen to get the proper aspect ratio.

So you'd probably look through a trace of the game for where it accesses $C00004 and change the data written there, probably to $8C83


OK you guys definitely know your stuff. I was perusing the official 1989 Megadrive/Genesis software guide and came across a few tidbits that relate to this. I took some screenshots.

It seems to me that its also possible to change the display scroll window size and dimensions. It would make sense since they would want to have the capability to render and display a vertical game (like a shooter). They mention that in the manual. Although I don't believe sega made any vertical (display) games for the genesis, although maybe they did in Japan. But such games wouldn't display properly unless paired with a wide CRT (put vertically in a cabinet) which they had back in the day for special arcade games. According to the manual, the machine renders the game (mostly) on a 512x512 square, but only 320x240 is displayed (the display window). This is to account for scrolling or moving to the right horizontally, or going up down vertically. Obviously you know this but, I wonder. You said it may only work in a emulator if its possible and that probably is true, but the hardware (from what I've read) may have been technically capable, even though they never used it. I mean everyone used a standard 4/3 display TV in 1989 so it would make sense not to bother with that feature. (480i 8x16v + vert display)

I honestly don't know enough to make total sense of it, hence I'm forwarding this info to more capable individuals.


LOL the rabbit hole deepens.






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I will take a pastrami on rye, dab of mustard... oh wait...this is the wrong line...


VERY generous of you to take requests!  Keep up the great work and contributions to this community! 


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On 1/27/2021 at 11:34 AM, Logan Clow said:

Some mods I would be interested in:
CFL mod for NFL Blitz (N64)

Modern roster updates for Major League Baseball (NES), Madden 98, and NBA Live 98 (Both SNES)

I go double on the cfl, and maybe xfl too

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On 2/3/2021 at 3:05 AM, DeterminedApathy said:

XFL could be interesting but I think you'd have to combine both incarnations to have a decent number of teams. Even then I think that only comes up to 16.

What About a CFL/XFL/WFL one or a WFL & USFL one. those could be interesting

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