Canadiens-Nordiques on the pond

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Here is another installment of Seamor’s awesome pond hockey rom.  I set it up as 3 on 3 hockey with different themes for the experience.

Today, I present you a fierce rivalry: Canadiens-Nordiques.

8 landmarks teams, 4 aside and each containing 9 forwards and 1 goalie.

-Canadiens 79 = team after they won Stanley cup

-Nordiques 79 = first year on the league

-Canadiens 84= Good Friday Brawl edition

-Nordiques 84=Good Friday Brawl edition

-Canadiens 86= Obviously, Stanley cup champions

-Nordiques 90= why? Stastny, Sakic, Goulet and Lafleur in the same team.  That’s why

-Canadiens 93= Stanley cup champions again

-Nordiques 95= Last ‘kickass’ lineup for the nords, probably their best lineup ever as they won the Stanley cup in Colorado the year after as nords transferred there.


As usual, all I did is the rosters, the lines and the uniforms.  Sorry I wasn’t able to update the graphics.  My rosters are based upon’s points leaders for each team.  Lineups are subject to debate.  Please use the NOSE software if you want to make any changes.

I am just an average guy who had fun setting up and playing this game and hope other people will love it.  Comments, Suggestions? You’re welcome to leave it here.  Enjoy!!!

Canadiens Nordiques on the pond.bin

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