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Hello Blitz Fans!!!

Pleased to introduce NFL Blitz 2K21 for the N64.

  • New updated rosters as of WildCard weekend - January 9th, 2021 through Ourlads.
  • Addition of the Houston Texans.
  • Updated Screens and Ratings.
  • Plus, DIY file below to create your own Blitzmania (All required programs included, plus a Step-by-Step user guide)

NFL Blitz 2021.png

NFL Blitz 2K21.z64 NFL BLITZ Step-by-Step.docx Blitz

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Nice! Very nice indeed!!! I saw your nfl blitz 2020 mod a couple weeks ago and was wanting to join the site just to ask if you could make a updated roster for the upcoming NFL playoffs. I finally got around to joining this morning and to my pleasant surprise I saw this new topic on the side bar. Just wanted to say thanks for this and also thanks for keeping the blitz name going. I will be playing this with my buddies today having lots of fun.

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28 minutes ago, UltraMagnus said:

I've started actually looking into this today. 

Are you even human?:D Thanks for all the content!
As far as I know, PS1 hacking is kind of a burden due to the sizes expected for each iso, that's why hacks and fantranslations of PS1 games are not as common, if it wasn't the case I'm sure there would have been updated rosters for the EA sport games on there already.
On romhacking dot net, there's a guy working on updating the roster for PS1 NBA Jam, so it's possible, just messy.

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Its not too messy. Its more time consuming since it takes alot of time finding specific things to change. I did a Madden 01/02 version 2 years ago. As well as a version NHL 02 as well. 

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