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Master List of GENS Non-Hockey Roms


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This is a list of all Genesis roms (non-hockey) that are found all over the forums.

Links to the original source have been added to give credit to the creator/authors. This will allow you to see the changes as well as the content included. 

If I missed something to be added, please reply below and I’ll update this list. 







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On 6/5/2022 at 1:50 PM, UltraMagnus said:

Not at the moment. Likely for the Start of next season. 

Do you have any ROMs for RBI Baseball for Genesis? There's a RBI site for NES but I haven't found any for Genesis yet.

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8 minutes ago, UltraMagnus said:

This is crazy. Not sure how these guys can do it. Especially when they didn't do any of the work. @Smashville

I wouldn't buy that stuff. Especially when y'all willingly give us all your hard work for free. That's FUBAR.

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4 hours ago, smozoma said:

I think you can report them as counterfeit but I don't know if ebay does anything about it.

They were reported and they're still there. They're junk ROMs too. Not even all the teams, old logos, and no battery save. I found them thru videos on YouTube. So I warned everyone in the comments about how junk they were and dropped a link to tecmobowl.org and here.

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Does anyone still have a copy of NFL '09 ('98) created by SabreDance by any chance. Please and thank you. PS I have 2 projects I have completed and will be contributing to the community when I get a chance soon. I appreciate the help in advance.

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