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SNES 2021 Juice Rom League World Cup Style

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Any interest in a 2021 SNES Juiced ROM League?  All players are 100 ratings so teams and players do not matter.  no line changes

28 teams.  7 divisions of 4 teams randomly picked out of a hat. 

round 1 - each division plays 4 games vs. each opponent inside division = 12 games. 

top 2 teams from each division advance to elimination round = 14 teams, plus the next best 2 teams according to record, then point differential.

best of 7 playoff format with the last 16 teams ordered 1-16.

please post if interested and what team you would like.  thought it would be something different and will not take long.  thanks

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1. Triple A - NYI

2. Mooney - NYR

3. TheProfessor - TOR

4. DciCon5148- FLA

5. Ellis - EDM

6. Kaba78 - WIN

7. Mr. Bison - Pitt

8. Grillbit - Det

9. Indio - Col

10. bombjack - LA

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i am in for sure.. new to online play... i suck now... but i know hockey and have played 94 since 94 via console and emus... ill catch up...  i chose the Kings earlier,,, i would like to change to nashville if possible... thx



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photo too large... huge lol
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