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Penalty Shot After Hooter?


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Its the end if the second period. I am 5-0 up. Opposition has a breakaway. Fortunately, the hooter goes. My left defence man, who was coming over to the right, lays a huge hit on the now stationary winger at the blue line, after the hooter. I fully expect the interval screen to show - but no - the ref has awarded a penalty shot. I save the shot, and its the interval as normal. How odd!

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I wonder if I hadn't saved the shot if the goal would have been counted.

I am curious as to how the penalty was even awarded. No amount of hitting after the whistle\hooter has ever seen a player of mine sent to the bin. Perhaps I initiated the hit before the hooter, so whatever internal dice roll to determine a penalty took place before the hooter and before the animation of the hit.

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I've had this happen while demoing a cpu vs cpu a match in NHL95. The kicker was that if the player had scored, it would have resulted in a tie game [and should trigger overtime]
Instead, the player went with the lamest of ducks in a backhander from the hash marks, and that was the game. Would have been interesting to see a tying goal, although I have a feeling it would not in fact have triggered an extra frame.
The weirdest part was that it didn't even let me look at the game stats afterwards. After the penalty shot was over, it just kicked straight out to the main menu.

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